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The leaked Arizona fraud report confirms that Biden won, but the Republicans did not give up the big lie

Although the draft report acknowledges that there is no widespread fraud—as every legal review of the 2020 elections found—it criticizes Maricopa County for not cooperating and shows that there are problems with the county’s election system and record keeping. . This is obviously the sour grape of the party’s efforts to legitimize the election because it cannot do it, but the Maricopa County government is ready to fight back.

Unfortunately, the report is also full of errors and wrong conclusions about how Maricopa County conducts the 2020 election,” the county government Tweet Thursday night. Jack Sellers, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Said in a statement The report shows that “the tabulation equipment counts votes in a designed way, and the results reflect the wishes of the voters. This should be the end of the story. Everything else is just noise.”

However, he continued, “I’m sure it won’t. Board members tell the truth in the face of angry phone calls and emails. This is a concerted campaign designed to shake Americans’ confidence in voting rights. They will accept it now. The truth?”

maybe not. The Arizona Senate, which set up fraudsters and hired Cyber ​​Ninjas (a company with no experience in election audits, run by people who openly accept Trumpist conspiracy theories), will hold an event on Friday afternoon to release (now Leak) report. At that event, Sellers said in a statement: “I expect that we will be accused again of not cooperating and failing to fill the knowledge gaps in the Senate’s selection of contractors. How can we cooperate with being led by someone who does not know how to conduct any elections? Surveys, let alone surveys held in the second largest polling district in the United States?”

Check out the list of people who raised frauds in state Senate activities, Dave Weigel famous,”Including’Doctor. Shiva’ is here to tell you everything. His analysis of the results in Arizona is that only through his “model approval” can Biden win 130% of the Democratic vote. “So, although they were forced to admit that Biden won Arizona, there is no evidence of a major fraud in Maricopa County – even if they look for bamboo fiber in the ballot! – The Arizona Senate seems not ready to give up destroying 2020. The struggle for the elections of the year.

By that time, before the report was released, Republicans in other states were calling the military for more trickster.Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel Call for audits of all 50 states, Because”Even in a state like Ohio where Trump won by a huge advantage, if it were not for the Democrats to cheat, he might actually have won by a larger advantage. “Under Trump’s pressure, Texas Republicans announce an audit of votes in four countiesTrump also issued a statement stating that the subpoena in the investigation on January 6 was Intended to distract A report from the Arizona vote.

The votes are not important to them. The evidence is not important to them. Undermining people’s confidence in elections and laying the groundwork for 2022 and 2024 is the goal here. There was no annoying discovery, heck, the county where they wanted to find the fraud most, no fraud would destroy the plan.

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