The market size for agrochemicals is expected to reach USD 286 billion

The market size for agrochemicals is expected to reach USD 286 billion


New York, United States, August 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — agrochemicals are chemical or biological compounds used to improve crop quality and yield. Agrochemicals are fertilizers and pesticides. Fertilizers increase crop quality by adding nutrients to the crop and soil, while pesticides kill or repel pests and weeds. The current global population development requires more arable land to feed the growing world population. Agrochemicals help farmers increase the quality and quantity of crops.

Population growth and increasing food consumption, land degradation, scarcity of arable land and consumer awareness of the benefits of agrochemicals are driving the global agrochemicals market. Synthetic Pesticides such as 2, 4-D and atrazine herbicides can hamper industrial growth. Higher concentrations of agrochemicals pollute the water and destroy the environment. Bio-based fertilizers and pesticides have created many opportunities.

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Global agrochemicals market: DRIVER

  • Emerging markets use more agricultural chemicals

Technology has changed farming methods. The growing export and import of agricultural commodities, especially in developing countries, has led to the emergence of new harmful species, increasing the need for crop protection solutions.

The globalization of agrochemicals is affecting the Asian crop protection markets. Increasing population numbers, higher agricultural demands and a rising economy are driving the demand for herbicides and pesticides. As urbanization reduces arable land, farmers have to use more agricultural chemicals to maintain soil health and increase yield.

  • Increase in agricultural productivity

Government actions have increased global demand for agrochemicals. In exchange for subsidies and tax exemptions, farmers must help the government. Countries dependent on agriculture are in greatest need of improved fertilizers. Under these conditions, sales in the global agrochemicals market should increase. Cash crop farming in general…


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