The meeting of the fragrance creators in the middle of the year makes good fragrances

The meeting of the fragrance creators in the middle of the year makes good fragrances


The Good Scents Association meeting focused on responsible industry practices and the essentiality of fragrance products


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WASHINGTON – July 20, 2022 – (

The Fragrance Creators Association (Fragrance Creators) today held its semi-annual meeting focused on accountability and empowerment of the unique good fragrance delivered to the world and its people. Collectively, the association’s members represent the majority of fragrance manufacturers in North America and reflect the diversity of the fragrance industry market, from sole proprietorships to medium-sized companies to the largest fragrance houses and consumer goods companies in the world. The meeting emphasized the importance of maintaining a competitive marketplace, which in turn protects access to products and encourages innovation that helps the planet and brings more benefits to consumers.

The meeting opened with a rationale of the association’s unique purpose – to preserve the wellness benefits and preserve the generational joys that fragrance provides to billions of people every day. Attendees learned about new events sponsored by Fragrance Creators researchPublished in Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications. This research is the first of its kind and examines the appeal of scents in household products. Members have been encouraged to join the Association’s Importance & Benefits of Fragrance Committee, which is on track to drive further research into the essentiality of fragrances in end products.

“Supporting the success of companies of all sizes – from large multinationals to independent perfumers – makes our entire industry stronger and better,” said Bob Weinstein, Co-Chairman of Fragrance Creators and President and CEO of Robertet US. “Supplier diversity sits, sits…


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