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The motorcycle designer draws inspiration from his favorite sneakers

LOS ANGELES-Motorcycle designer Andrew Thompson has found a way to combine his love for Harley-Davidson with his love for shoes by making custom Jordan bikes.

“My passion for making bicycles came from my grandfather. He started making bicycles in the early 1950s and continued to do so until his death in 2012,” Thompson said.

Thompson said he built his first Harley in high school, and he said that this enthusiasm guided him in the right direction.

Thompson said: “It freed me from the troubled cycle, and I found a passion for making and designing bicycles.”

Thompson is also very concerned about his Compton community and young people. When he is not making bicycles, he will organize community cleanup work.

He said that he knows that many young people like tennis shoes and hope that his work can arouse the interest of the younger generation.

“This is important because many young people will become gang members,” said Xinxin, a local motorcyclist and Thompson’s old friend. “Many young people put down their guns and bought motorcycles. They have seen motorcycles, but they have never seen them like Nike motorcycles.”

“The beautiful white Jordan bike, I mean the statistics on the floor, that’s really beautiful,” said Nick “Big Slick” Naish, general manager of sales at Harley-Davidson in California. “I was shocked. I have never seen anything like this. We are around custom bikes every day. I have never seen anything like this.”

Thompson said that his grandfather John McCollum, also known as PeeWee, was recognized as one of Harley-Davidson’s Iron Elites, which is a recognition of the contributions of the black motorcycle community. Thompson said he hopes that one of his own custom bikes will one day win the same recognition.

Thompson said: “I want to do something Harley would like,’Such a man is cool.'” “Maybe Harley will let me design their anniversary bike one day.”

Thompson said that his two Nike and Jordan bikes are not for sale, but he does accept requests for custom bikes, which can be found on his Instagram.


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