The Ontario-based salon is committed to a paradigm shift around…

The Ontario-based salon is committed to a paradigm shift around…


Fade Artist Barber Lounge and Hair Studio begins to take Ontario by storm with its novel approach to offering men’s hair styling and cutting services. The salon, currently based in the town of Innisfil, is determined to change the outdated concept that men can only go to a traditional hair salon, where services are often limited and skills are unable to meet specific needs or to satisfy every customer.

To further explain a key Fade Artist Barber Lounge and Hair Salon Representative: “We also want to offer an experience. Not just impersonal, inbound and outbound service, which for men often seems more like a chore than something to look forward to and even enjoy. While we are aware that one of the charms of barbershops is connecting with other men and having that time just for you, we have found that there is so much more than can be offered as part of this service . While we’re keen to keep the community-building element, we strongly believe that more can be done to improve the experience of a trim or shave.”

As they build their reputation and grow their client base, Fade Artist Barber Lounge and Hair Studio intend to continue promoting the concept that pampering can be a part of cutting and shaving services. Currently, Bart offers line ups, hot towel shaves as well Haircuts and hairstylesthe salon believes its approach will appeal to more and more men.

“There are a number of issues with some traditional barbershops. One of the most frequently mentioned, which we heard about before Fade opened and which we experienced ourselves, concerned products. There seems to be a standardization of brands and products offered in barbershops and often these do not meet the needs and preferences of a variety of customers. Likewise, we know that sometimes it’s a challenge to get the latest trending hairstyle or change it due to a…


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