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The police shot and killed Ashli ​​Babbitt during the January 6th riots and ruled “legal” and officers will not face disciplinary action — RT USA News

The police announced after the internal investigation that the congressional police who shot and killed an unarmed Trump supporter during the riots on Capitol Hill on January 6 will not be subject to disciplinary action and will remain unidentified.

Ashli ​​Babbitt, a veteran and supporter of former President Donald Trump, was shot and killed by a congressional policeman while advancing with a group of protesters in the U.S. Capitol in January. Her death was the only death that was ultimately linked to the actions of another person that day.

Babbitt’s death angered many conservatives, but the officials in charge would not bear any consequences. Congressional police Announce on Monday. An internal investigation found that “The official’s behavior is lawful,” Therefore they “No internal disciplinary action will be faced.”

In addition, the official will remain unidentified because “Many credible and specific threats,” The announcement continued, adding that the official’s behavior “May save members and staff from serious injury and possible death.”

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Congressional thugs are accused of “seriously” violating publication terms by accessing the Internet and watching seminars on “election fraud”

With the end of the investigation, it is very unlikely that Babbitt’s murderer will be identified.Ministry of Justice closure In the investigation into the April shooting, Babbitt’s husband failed to pass the Freedom of Information Act requirements to reveal their identities (the US Capitol Police are not supervised by FOIA, but the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC is reported to have ignored this requirement).Since then, husband Aaron Babbitt submitted a litigation To force more details about the shooting to be disclosed.

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