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The Slim d’Hermès Squelette Lune and H08: Design for Life

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When it comes to watchmaking, perhaps there is no weaker compliment than what is called elaborate design. Abandoning design in this way is a long tradition in watchmaking. This is unfortunate, because the outstanding design not only reflects the look and feel of the timepiece, but also how it holds a place in people’s minds. Although the contempt for design does have real roots in the watchmaking industry, whether it is boutique or other, the times are moving forward, and timepieces follow.

On the one hand, if the advantages of design are not recognized, it is impossible to consider and understand the contemporary watchmaking techniques practiced by Hermès Horloger. Please note that the previous sentence is not meant to accuse the manufacturer in any way-after all, we will not use the word manufacturing lightly.

In the process of considering forward-looking timepieces as a celebratory choice on our website, Singapore Office In the audience, Hermes appeared by chance. However, my interest in this whimsical brand watch turned to men’s watches, which of course shows that there is more than one way.

Hermès Horloger has been working successfully, focusing on fonts and bringing the vision of real designers to aspects such as proportions. The company’s patience in defining, improving and communicating the characteristics of watches is admirable. The good result of this thoughtful thinking is most obvious in H08, as a complete work, it is true. But the completely unexpected Slim d’Hermès Squelette Lune adds more depth.

Hermes Skeleton Moon Slim
Slim d’Hermès Skeleton Moon.Picture: Hermes

For this reason, we think we will do two things: First, look at the characteristics of Slim d’Hermès Squelette Lune-it is a new product in 2021 after all, and we have not even covered the initial release. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, we think we will persuade someone in the design department of La Montre Hermès to tell us their grammar and vocabulary, if you wish. Fortunately, Philippe Delhotal himself kept us a moment. After introducing Squelette Lune and briefly reviewing H08, we will introduce his thoughts.

Of course, even if Squelette Lune is new, it is Slim d’Hermès seriesSince 2015, we have gradually gotten used to it. Of course, this is not a long time. The series is actually the first suitable round watch of the brand; Hermès is more closely related to formal watches. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Hermes watches have almost no connection with bags and other fashion accessories. Indeed, writing it feels a bit blasphemous, and reading it may also be the same.

Slim d8217Hermes Skeleton Moon
Picture: Hermes

Recently, when we saw Squelette Lune with our own eyes, the quality of Slim d’Hermès was once again highlighted. If you think of standard models, they will look like part of a classic formal watch, but they are slightly different. Despite losing the dial and so on, Squelette Lune managed to maintain all levels.

This is of course a question of different opinions, but it is certain that Squelette Lune will not weaken the Slim d’Hermès series. The slender contours and bezels and tapered lugs are still there-they are indeed very suitable for Squelette Lune. Philippe Apeloig’s unique font design has also been retained, but it is located on the left side of the dial.

The hollow watch is very contradictory. At the same time, as much material as the movement and dial is stripped away, while adding a sense of magnificence or architectural splendor-think about it Eiffel tower E.g. Maybe also think of dynamic sculptures, or maybe so-called cyberpunk machines.

Hermes Skeleton Moon Slim
Picture: Hermes

It is definitely not for everyone, but watch brands do like to accept this form of challenge. Hermès Horloger has its own approach, low-key and deliberately not fussy. You would think that manufacturers are deploying cutouts, also called cutouts, as part of their iconic whimsical, and that’s correct.

Another peculiar watchmaking craft is the photo-realistic moon disc with the moon phase display, they are miniature versions that you may recall Arsor in Moonlight Years ago. Of course, the H1953 movement is brand new, an automatic winding movement with a micro-rotor.

Just like the contrast between the moon phase display and the rest of the movement, the polished platinum bezel, matt sandblasted Titanium case Both the white gold crown and the white gold crown make people feel that they are juxtaposed with each other to create a unique watchmaking vision. The effect of this area is somewhat weak for the observer, but more obvious for the wearer. In practice, watches are not as heavy as we thought, nor as light.

As for the H08 series, we have introduced it in detail many times, so we will quickly summarize our thoughts. We will reiterate our claim that the watch is a study of the concept of a tool watch, which is particularly evident in the form of the central seconds hand. Choc-abloc and fascinating design flourish, H08 is a watch that always attracts attention.

Picture: Hermes

For more information about Slim d’Hermès Squelette Lune and H08, please refer to the words of Philippe Delhottal, Creative Director of Hermès Horloger

What combines different designs such as H08 and Slim d’Hermès?

When we launched Slim d’Hermès for the first time in 2015, we were always looking for an elegant single product that showed the essence of the brand. We also know that we want to use ultra-thin mechanical movements. For a mechanical watch, this is a very moderate size, with a simple design, pure and perfect, and complements the minimalist feel.

This year, with the launch of Hermès H08, we hope to create a watch that is firmly rooted in the all-terrain, “multiple vitality” male world of Hermès. This is a desire to express our values ​​and embody them. This timepiece embodies “Hermes’ interpretation of contemporary masculinity”. It is undeniable that it is sharp and a bit original, but it is also very sensual through the curves blended with the case design, fonts and materials.

We often look for the stylized representation of the letter H in Hermès watches. We think we have seen something in H08 and the new Slim d’Hermes Squelette Lune. In the former, it is the form of the watch itself (and of course the bracelet links), while in Squelette, it is the bridge in the moon phase display. If we are completely wrong, please let us know!

Yes, we have some familiar details in the design of the house, such as the letter H that you can find on certain components. However, for the creation of these lines, we did not choose a concrete method, nor did we directly quote equestrian figures or reinterpret the anchor chain.

In addition, we want to avoid using watches based on literal shapes (such as H). For these two lines, it is fundamentally an abstract geometric exercise, but geometry is part of the Hermes design vocabulary. Brands like to play with proportions, shapes and volumes. The square is the best example. We carefully checked the proportions, circles and squares, all of which were combined with simplicity in terms of legibility.

In general, Hermès is known for its whimsical creations. We can find this whimsy in H08 and Slim d’Hermes. What is surprising? For example, we know that the unique fonts of Slim d’Hermes are very attractive, and this is the case with fonts in many series.

Hermès font design is an integral part of our timepieces, as are Slim d’Hermès and Hermès H08. In 2015, Philippe Apeloig created a typeface that is different from the one currently on the market. Philippe Apeloig worked with the brand in 2012 and 2013, so he knows the philosophy of Hermès very well. His graphic method is exactly what we are looking for. We want to maintain continuity between the case and the font, and create a timepiece that is eye-catching.

Looking at the font of the new Hermes H08, this easy-to-read and practical font does not stand out, but integrates with the overall design. It also has style and geometric elements derived from the case. For example, 0 corresponds to the shape of the bezel, while 8 has the same outline.

With Slim d’Hermes Squelette Lune, why mix materials for the case?

We like to play with materials that bring contrast, attractive color effects and complete the overall beauty.

Given that Slim d’Hermes Squelette Lune is brand new, why introduce this movement and function in a very special hollow style? For example, it is more common to have the non-cutout version of this watch appear before the cutout version.

Hermès watchmaking provides different interpretations of time: a time full of whimsical, transcending style-a friendly, durable, playful and casual time. An era where stories are told and emotions are evoked. Brands do not seek to copy what they already have, but boldly follow intuition and create items that are not only designed to indicate time, but also to establish a relationship with time.

With the new Slim d’Hermès Squelette Lune, when you see the movement and function in combination with many components, you will find a story that takes everyone to another playground. This is the story we want to tell and show.

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