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The study found that 32% of pet owners believe their pets are overweight

According to a recent survey by Marsden, approximately 32% of pet owners believe their pets are overweight, up from 23% in 2019.

However, the company also revealed that veterinarians believe that the number of pets that are actually overweight far exceeds this number. It is estimated that almost half of pets are overweight or obese (51% of dogs, 44% of cats, 29% of pets). Small mammals).

Overfeeding or poor portion control is listed as one of the main factors affecting pet obesity.

The study found that approximately 32% of pet owners still guess how much to feed their pets instead of following the recommended dietary guidelines. Since the 2019 survey, this situation has not changed, which shows that pet owners have not listened to professional advice on pet obesity.

Dr. Suzanne Moyes, Director of Operations and Technology and in-house veterinarian Burgess pet Care said: “The results of this survey always give us an interesting insight, because although we know how passionate owners are in caring for their pets, over time, it is too easy for them to gain weight.

“The physical condition scoring system is a great tool for owners to help them determine the health of their pets, but it must never replace regular veterinary inspections, which are essential for monitoring weight and overall health.”

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