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The TV director who was kicked out of his £1.2 million home by Annie Lennox’s producer neighbours won a prize of £273,000

when British Academy of Film and Television Arts Nominated TV director Misha Manson-Smith became neighbors of 80s music producer Mark Arthurworrey in fashionable Hackney, which may lead to groundbreaking collaborations in sound and vision.

However, living together did not form a creative team, but triggered a six-year residential war-leading to a costly legal battle ending in the High Court.

This week, Mr. Manson-Smith was “ejected from the house” for the harassment of musician Mr. Arthur Wary and received 273,000 pounds in compensation.

The music producer, who has made tracks for stars such as Annie Lennox and Aswad, is accused of splashing water on the ceiling of the apartment, allowing it to flow through lighting and electrical appliances, and in the garden Fly repeatedly and play “extreme”. Loud music.

His ordeal caused Mr. Manson-Smith to suffer from “anxiety disorder” and was eventually forced to leave the £1.2 million Victorian apartment in Hackney Dalston, east London, with his young family.

He and his wife Alex, a writer, sued for harassment in the High Court and have now received a total of £273,475 from Mr. Arthurworrey, 68, and he must also pay him £32,000 in legal fees.

Judge Mathew Gullick QC ruled this week, saying that the 2017 harassment conviction and restraining order did not prevent Mr. Arthurworrey from continuing to harass the Manson-Smith couple.

He said: “I think that in June 2019, after the restraining order was implemented, before the claimant was forced to leave, the further deliberate flooding was particularly serious.”

Mr. Manson-Smith received £273,000 in compensation for being “ejected from the house” by his neighbors

Mr. Arthurworrey denies wrongdoing, but is not allowed to defend the case in the High Court

Mr. Arthurworrey denies wrongdoing, but is not allowed to defend the case in the High Court

At last year’s hearing, the couple’s lawyers stated that their troubles began in 2014, when they purchased an apartment in a converted house on Forest Road. Mr. Arthurworrey owned the freehold of the apartment and ” Control the other two apartments in the building.

Their barrister, Jamal Demachkie, said that Mr. Arthur Wary’s “initial obstructive behavior,” including the incident of “turning off the gas,” caused the neighbors to go to court earlier on the management of the building. There was a conflict.

Mr. Demachkie said that Mr. Arthurworrey continued to subject the 45-year-old Manson-Smith couple to “nuisance and harassment behavior for a considerable period of time, including conflicts due to the use of garden gates, flight tips, noise nuisance, and refusal to enter.”

“Mr. Arthurworrey dumped a lot of rubbish into the garden of Apartment A, including a mattress… He admitted that he had thrown out the rubbish, but said’this is my garden’,” the barrister added.

“My client does own the front garden and has the right to use the back garden.

“Even if Mr. Arthurworrey does own the front garden, dumping rubbish and debris into it still constitutes harassment, causing nuisance and blocking the passage.

‘That’s not all. There was noise nuisance and the passage to the back garden was blocked… This was ultimately a six-year harassment against Mr. Manson-Smith and his family.

The barrister told the judge that after “particularly harmful harassment,” the couple obtained a restraining order from their neighbors in March 2017, but his behavior continued.

Mrs. Manson-Smith lives there with her husband and is a freelance writer and journalist

Mrs. Manson-Smith lives there with her husband and is a freelance writer and journalist

Mr. Manson-Smith’s family had to leave the £1.2 million Victorian apartment in Hackney Dalston

Mr. Manson-Smith’s family had to leave the £1.2 million Victorian apartment in Hackney Dalston

The court was told that for several consecutive days in June 2019, their apartment was flooded from above, and the second time Arthurworrey “dumped water on the floor” into the lighting and electrical equipment below, causing them to cut off electricity.

In the end, they moved out in August 2019 and rented out the apartment thereafter, while renting another house of their own elsewhere.

Although he denied doing anything wrong-claiming that he owned the front garden and could use it to do what he wanted-Mr. Arthur Worry was barred from defending claims against him.

In December last year, Judge Hugh Southey QC made a summary judgment in favor of the Manson-Smiths and assessed damages after discovering that “there is no evidence to allow the court to reject the claimant’s evidence”.

This week, Judge Gulick awarded £273,475 in damages. He said that the harassment had taken place for “years” and that it stemmed from Mr. Arthur Worry’s belief that Manson Smith’s plan to rent an apartment mistakenly included the front garden in their apartment. title.

He said: “Even criminal convictions, imprisonment and restraining orders for harassment are not sufficient to prevent the defendant from continuing to harass the claimant and continue to deny the rights granted under the lease.”

He continued: “It includes incidents that can be described primarily as the destruction and obstruction of the claimant’s property rights, rather than the claimant’s direct personal confrontation, physical violence or threats of such violence, sending malicious communications or stalking.

“Nevertheless, it seems to me that this is a serious and long process of harassment and has driven Mr. Manson-Smith and his family out of the house.

The incident of water entering Apartment A must have been particularly unpleasant and painful for Mr. Manson-Smith, especially considering the impact on his children.

“The defendant’s behavior over the years, despite the plaintiff and the court’s efforts to contain his behavior, is still very serious.”

“This resulted in Mr. Manson-Smith being diagnosed with anxiety disorder and receiving medication. It also put considerable pressure on Mr. Manson-Smith. He was forced to work away from home to make a living and meet and spend a lot of time dealing with the defendant. The consequences of the behavior, not his young children.

The judge awarded damages to cover the cost of repairs and moving, and compensated them for the decline in the value of the apartment caused by Mr. Arthurworrey’s actions.

Mr. Manson-Smith has worked with celebrities including Sacha Baron Cohen, David Hasselhoff and Michael Sheen, and has been nominated for the British Academy of Film Award three times, and won the Golden Rose Award and Primetime Emmy Award for extraordinary excellence for comedy series prize. Fiction film production and Best New Comedy at the British Comedy Awards.

Mrs. Manson-Smith is a freelance writer and journalist.

Their neighbor, Mr. Arthurworrey, has 25 years of successful record producer career and works on both sides of the Atlantic.

He lives in Hollywood and works with Ray Parker of “Ghostbusters” and “Earth, Wind and Fire.”

He also produced The Associates, Billy McKensie and Annie Lennox, The Love Affair, William Bell, The Mighty Sparrow and Aswad.

The court heard that he intends to appeal the results of the investigation against him.

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