The vehicle analytics market will be around $2,370 million by the end…

The vehicle analytics market will be around $2,370 million by the end…


Future Market Insights (FMI) predicts in its latest report that the global Vehicle Analytics Market will be around US$2,370 million by the end of 2022, reflecting an above-average CAGR. The report finds that the rapid adoption of vehicle analytics is partly due to a demand for greater travel comfort, particularly from city passengers.

Also, the growing need to improve the existing traffic structure, which is struggling with the ever-increasing traffic pressure, is expected to impact the growth of the market over the forecast period. Vehicle analytics is becoming increasingly important for fleet owners or transportation service providers as it helps them improve fleet management and service offerings, which in turn helps them win more business.

Growing concerns about road safety and efforts to reduce journey times mark the rapid adoption of vehicle analytics. In addition, many of the automotive companies are increasing their investments to develop more advanced vehicle analysis tools that can facilitate complex analysis needs, including video support, fleet monitoring, trip data, route map solution, traffic analysis, and predictive analysis. This feature can transform traffic management if used effectively. At the same time, the increasing popularity of autonomous cars is expected to boost demand for vehicle analytics. With the help of vehicle analysis, autonomous cars should become safer and more pragmatic.

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Modern consumers are becoming increasingly aware of automotive technologies that can effectively monitor, manage and streamline trips, which is expected to have a positive impact on the global vehicle analytics market. Automotive companies use vehicle analytics to analyze vehicle performance, detect component malfunctions, and prevent road collisions. Increasing demand for cars and…


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