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The Witcher’s Nightmare of Wolf Review: Bloody Good Anime

Vesemir (Theo James) was blinded by the magical poison and drew his sword in the snowy forest.

Understand Vesemir as a young wizard, and then he will become older and smarter That wizard Season 2.
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After Netflix found a new blow to his cold fantasy That wizard At the end of 2019, work started quickly Plan to expand the series Beyond simply let Henry Cavill fight another season of monsters. The first step into the wider world, Wolf’s nightmare, Streamer was played today, and in most cases did a good job, making this step worth taking.

Directed by Kwang-Il Han of Studio Mir, and animated by the studio itself, Wolf’s nightmare It is a prequel to the main work developed by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich wizard The series, and a prelude to the expectations of one of the characters The fantasy novels of Andrzej Sapkowski Arrived in that series’ The coming second grade. Vesemir — pPlace here CastlevaniaTheo James The role of the older self will Yes Depicted in live action by Kim BodniaWho we will see From a young servant boy who wants more from his life to grow into a powerful and arrogant monster killer, at the pinnacle of his power and swagger, let us see a better than the first time we passed Jie Lott encountered a larger and more complex world.Rivia That wizardSeason one. In a way, it’s just because Wolf’s nightmareThe status as a prequel means that there are more wizards to choose from. Vesemir is not alone in his monster hunting. Not only is there more wizards for him to rebound, but the wizards exist as a tangible and relatively powerful faction in the world. It means that the whole society must work hard to deal with the imperfect status of wizards in that society, except for the quiet tone and unpleasant gaze that Geralt often encounters in his own adventures.

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Is the suspicion between human beings and even the remnants of other races wizard The world is like elves—they exist That wizardworld Once an ally of mankind, they taught their first batch of wizards the ability to control magic, but they were conquered and persecuted by the rising human country—this constitutes the foundation of mankind Wolf’s nightmareThe most interesting architecture in the world. This is a bleak and sometimes cynical story, perhaps even more than its live-action brothers. But this cynical lens not only makes it present a world that feels morally complex and interesting-there is no inherent “OK” or”bad” Factions, where violence and fear inevitably defeated peace and faith cruelly-but also put Vesemir through 90 years of character test-Odd minutes of running time.it is It pays to see him grow into a person beyond the mask of confidence Necessary part wizard World building Thank goodness for keeping it here).As a setting, let us know when an older and perhaps smarter Vesemir appears in That wizard second season, Wolf’s nightmare Provides a fascinating journey, invites us to consider the similarities between the attitudes of Vesemir and Geralt, and lays the foundation for the potential relationship between the two. The young wizard and his old mentor When we see them again later this year.

Of course, all these moral complexities and character modeling are just the canvas of Studio Mir’s animators, where a bucket of blood can be sprayed out with some truly impressive animation actions.Use the power of its media to surpass us in That wizard, Wolf’s nightmare Showed us what these monster killers looked like when their power reached their peak. When he soared in the air, with swords and rune magic spinning, Vesemir gave a sharp, lightning-like sense of kinetic energy. It is luxurious and magnificent, excessive in the best way. For example, one thing Vesemir has for Geralt is a Witcher brand waist-mounted chain grab, which allows him to swing in the air; very clear Someone Either I have watched a lot in Studio Mir Attack on Titan Or just really missed the animated Lin Beifeng’s metal bending police From Kola Legend.

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But it’s also like a legacy made for Netflix”aldult” The animation before it, a series more bloody than its real predecessors, Subject and regular blood Literally Obstruct the storytelling at hand. Sometimes, it can be a little too much-in between, Mill Studio’s own Dota series For Netflix, and CastlevaniaLast season Earlier this year, I think I have seen a lot of intestines and eyeballs that shouldn’t be seen dangling from the eye sockets on the streamer for a while.But, although it threatens it, the smooth animation (and bloody) action never completely obscures the level of interest Wolf’s nightmare bring That wizardThe world and the cold tone.If you missed the mainland Before returning in December this year, It is very worthwhile to spend a few coins here.

The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf It is now playing on Netflix.

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