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This British electric car stock has just entered the AIM market

Saietta (London Stock Exchange: SED) Stock touch the goal Today’s market. The electric motor manufacturer’s goal is to achieve a market value of 102 million pounds on the first day of the transaction. However, if it realizes its ambitious plan, the electric car stock may rise a lot.

EV inventory is set to motor

Pancake-shaped axial flux motors can be installed on the wheels of electric vehicles. They are efficient but expensive. Saietta has developed a patent-pending axial flux motor, which is said to be mass-produced at low cost.

Saietta After 140 The motor is optimized for medium-power motorcycles and last-mile delivery vehicles. Saietta believes that the Asian market, especially the Indian market, is a market that needs to be explored. Light motorcycles are already everywhere on the roads there. Moreover, by 2030, 100 million new motorcycles will be on the road every year, 40% of which are expected to be electric vehicles. These new electric motorcycles are exactly the power that Saeta wants its motors to run.

The cooperation with Indian auto parts manufacturer Padmini is part of Saietta’s participation in India’s motorcycle electrification plan. It will become India’s manufacturing and distribution partner.This After 140 Adjusted to operate with a heavier payload in a relatively short daily distance at a higher ambient temperature. The motor is low-voltage, allowing personnel who have not been trained in high-voltage maintenance to perform repairs. The high torque produced by the motor means that there is no transmission, which reduces the overall price of the bicycle.

Putting electric motorcycles on the road requires new infrastructure. Fortunately, this is already on the way. Taiwanese company Gogoro has announced a partnership with a large two-wheeled car manufacturer to bring its battery replacement refueling platform to India. Home charging is certainly an option, but the gas station network should help accelerate electrification.

Saieta share price

So, this is the story of Saietta stock: it has designed a potentially destructive axial flux motor that is very suitable for the needs of the Asian light motorcycle market, especially in India, it has a partner to help move its motor. Supported by infrastructure improvements and general trends, the electric motorcycle market appears to be growing. The company now hopes to expand its production scale and establish itself as a low-cost manufacturer of electric motors for two-wheelers.

Now, what do these numbers look like? Saietta raised a total of 37.5 million pounds in proceeds before today’s listing. Part of this will cover the cost of the UK’s durability testing (to ensure the life of the motor buyers) facility. Most will expand the production scale in the UK to 100,000 units per year within three years. From 2020 to 2021, its limited production revenue has increased from £174,188 to £870,966. But beyond that, I don’t know much.

I haven’t seen Saietta’s IPO prospectus. It only submitted a balance sheet to the company building. This is not uncommon for new AIM stocks, but it does leave me ignorant.Although I like Saietta and its plans, I would like to know more financial information before buying this EV stock for my stock Stocks and shares ISAIn particular, I want to check some pricing information. I will wait until I see it.

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