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This is the way to make money by doing what you love in the 21st century

To my little friend in her twenties: Do you think you are Right?

I asked because Time Magazine calls us the “ME ME ME” generation.

…This makes me very angry.

The general idea is that our generation wants more than we “deserve”, and we are unwilling to work for it. Our elders compare us with previous generations. They said that we did not have any courage or follow-up.

I want to challenge this idea. I want to challenge the idea that we have power. I want to challenge our self-esteem.

I don’t think we have high self-esteem enough.

Times have changed.

We couldn’t go to school, get a bachelor’s degree, and immediately find a good job that will allow us to spend the next 40 years.

We cannot rely on big companies to take care of us. We cannot expect benefits or pensions.

Hell, we can’t even expect our resume to be read.

Do you know any factory jobs that can support a family of 4 children? !

We must learn a new way to operate in a world where things are constantly changing. Now it is a different kind of hustle and bustle.

Please allow me to introduce to you Three new truths.

Truth 1: The university is dead.

Nowadays, there are very few things that can be learned in the university outside the traditional “classroom” that you can’t learn by yourself.

(Yes, obviously, there are still some gatekeepers in certain professions. For them, getting more education is a good idea… I don’t know you, but I certainly don’t want my doctor to learn how to do it from YouTube… )

If you are really interested in a topic, you will not have Go to college. You can read 20 to 50 books on the same subject, get the same amount of gains from them, and pay 100,000 to 200,000 dollars less.

Figure out what makes sense to you, then go after itActively. You don’t need to find your phone within the confines of the university. Instead, start a meaningful project.

Some thoughts popped into my mind:

  • Learn a martial arts (I recommend Jiu-Jitsu. Just say…)
  • Chess master
  • Travel around the world
  • Learn a language and immerse yourself in the culture
  • Write a book
  • Create positive change in a poor country

It really doesn’t matter. The point is, it depends on you.

Truth #2: You no longer need to pay dues.

This will make some people very angry.

We have all heard of the struggles of previous generations. We have all heard of the honor of paying dues. Everyone’s grandpa goes uphill in the snow to school-both ways.

Look, hard work has a lot to say…but I personally think that there is no honor for inefficiency.

With the speed of the Internet and the way the industry develops, things are happening faster than ever before.You can gain traction a lot of It’s faster now.

There is no point in wasting years waiting for someone to give you a major breakthrough.

You no longer need to wait in line. You no longer need to go through point “B” to get from “A” to “C”.

Take my story as an example…

I created a lot of my followers by writing a lot of content and giving it away for free. I wrote about my experience as a frustrated twenties Who knows that there are more in life besides nine to five.I found listeners who resonated with my messageOr rather, they found me.

Now i teach people like you How to build a business with the skills you already have.

I am not a “teacher” in the traditional sense. I haven’t been to school for several years for this. I created a profession for myself that didn’t exist.

I effectively skipped B from A to C.

The point is: you don’t have to start from scratch. You just need to figure out where the solution is. In this case, creativity is omnipotent.

Truth #3: Making money is not difficult.

You should not worry about making money. No one has ever said that you must suffer first before you can be rich and live a fulfilling life.

When you were a child and were learning how to ride a bicycle, did you care whether the person who taught you was a professional cyclist?You ask if they are in the top ten Tour de France?

It must not work!

This is totally fine!

It’s okay to let your stupid Uncle Gerald teach you how to ride a bicycle. He may not be a world-class cyclist, but he is better than you! And he can teach you.That is Good enough.

This is the formula for making money in today’s world: find the problems encountered by other people and find out how to (completely) solve them as quickly as possible. They will pay you.

This is how we all must start thinking about making more money.It’s not about being an expert all time.It’s about being an expert Exceed time. Your work becomes an expression of your personality.This is what i said substantial.

This is a controversial way of thinking.

I don’t want you to be satisfied with a reduction just because this is what most people have been doing for years.

I am challenging preconceptions. We all have them, they don’t serve us. no longer. Let us throw them away.

Are you by my side?

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