This millennial investor’s net worth reached half a million in less…

This millennial investor’s net worth reached half a million in less…


Apparently Drew Lee isn’t a typical millennial in his age group.

While the average person under the age of 35 has a net worth of $76,000, Lee has a net worth of nearly seven times. In less than 10 years, the 32-year-old Pittsburgh native has grown his net worth to $530,000 and now spends much of his time sharing personal finance tips on his TikTok account. Dollars with Drew.

“The fact that I’m doing this is what I think is the beauty of personal finance and investing,” said Lee Benzinga. “I took personal finance and investing seriously in my twenties. And now I have that fortune, and now I have the runway to do what I love, not just work.”

according to a 2022 survey by InvestopediaThree out of four millennials between the ages of 26 and 41 said they feel a little stressed when it comes to managing their finances. While the majority of them expressed confidence in their financial literacy, many said they were concerned about the trade-offs involved in making important financial decisions related to health care, home ownership, retirement planning and child care, according to the Investopedia survey. And despite the fact that many millennials believe they have a strong understanding of personal finance, the truth is so a relatively small percentage of them Demonstrate financial competency.

However, Lee was taught to be frugal – a trait he largely credits for helping him build wealth quickly – and to invest where he could. He thinks both of his parents are financially savvy and recalled how they encouraged him to start saving for investments and open a $401,000 account as soon as he entered the job market. After graduating from Penn State in 2013, he got a job as an industrial engineer with a salary of about $62,000.

At the age of 23, Lee came across a book that he said taught him “90% of what I need to know and what I think most people need to know…


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