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Three in 10 pet owners feed dogs poisonous food, study finds

According to Canine Cottages, three in 10 pet owners feed their dogs poisonous food.

Canine Cottages has teamed up with veterinarian Charley Webb to create an interactive tool that highlights how toxic foods can affect pets from within, with advice on how to treat them after eating.

Top 10 most common poisonous foods, according to research British pet owner Not sure what could be toxic to their dogs: apple seeds, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, onions/chives, coffee, garlic, grapes/raisins, moldy foods, alcohol, and chocolate.

A further 2% of dog owners believe these foods are not toxic to their pets.

The retailer also said that nearly eight in 10 (76%) pet owners were unaware that apple seeds could be harmful to their pets and did not appear to be aware that they contained cyanide, a chemical that can cause oxygen starvation — – The body is deprived of oxygen.

Dr. Charley Webb, Veterinarian and Nutritionist veterinary cook.com says: “If you think your pet has eaten something that could be dangerous to them, stay calm and try not to panic. The best thing to do is to call your veterinarian immediately for advice, even in the middle of the night or on weekends.

“Most pets make a full recovery if treated quickly, so it’s important to tell your veterinarian once you know it’s happened, as this can prevent them from causing serious harm and in some cases save their lives.”

Shannon Keary, digital PR manager at Canine Cottages, added: “We probably all know certain foods we should avoid feeding our furry friends, but it’s surprising how many pet owners are unaware that certain foods can affect their pets. Cause harm. Pets such as chocolate or alcohol.”

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