Tik Tok influencer Ryan Maloney @ryryart teaches us 5 mistakes on how to…

Tik Tok influencer Ryan Maloney @ryryart teaches us 5 mistakes on how to…


There are some big NFT mistakes new and old developers make that are ruining their sales. If you’re looking to sell NFT artwork, music, animation, or anything you create, there are a few mistakes you need to avoid.

In this videoRyan teaches us to keep five things in mind that every NFT artist or animator ignores when creating NFT.

  1. Plan everything six months before launch. Know the benefits of NFT, pre-sale prices, public sale prices and where and how your NFT will be sold to avoid the problem of duplicate contacts.

  2. sight range. NFTs need to be seen and known, and it’s best to focus on marketing impact. Use TikTok to share your videos and short films that tell your journey while creating NFTs. Use Twitter to create awareness, connect with NFT collectors, then set up Discord to delve deeper into questions, build more community, and be visible.

  3. Don’t make it complicated. Understand the consumer and their needs, and make something that meets their needs without going overboard.

  4. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze data, test things, A/B and move in a straight line and pair strengths and weaknesses to create a unique product, but don’t do anything that isn’t your specialty. If you are a scientist then join an artist and vice versa.

  5. listen all the time. Go through your Twitter and Discord, listen, read questions, doubts, reviews and work on them. When you launch a new product, make sure it’s tested and rated by consumers, and be open to feedback. Listen and have open and honest conversations.

Check this space for more tips on NFTs.

Source: https://www.tiktok.com/@ryryart

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