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TikTok rant of FedEx delivery driver caused him to lose his job

The masker is not the only one lose job Their violent behavior and racist remarks. FedEx announced that after the TikTok video posted by the driver went viral on the Internet, the driver no longer worked for the company. In the video, the driver identified as Vincent Paterno claimed that he would not deliver packages to homes with signs supporting Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or black life issues.

this video Paterno, who was released on September 16, wore a FedEx uniform. He pointed out that not only would he skip deliveries from families that support Biden, Harris, and BLM, but he would also ignore families that “have no flag in front”, allegedly referring to the American flag. He said that the packages he chose not to deliver would be “brought back to the station.”

“What’s wrong with TikTok,” Paterno said in the video. “I just want to come here to let you know, [I]If you have a Joe Biden, Camara fucking camel toe (banner) to post-the fate of the black man is also fate-I will not deliver it to you—. I will not deliver it to you—. I will take it back to the station. I will continue to do this—. Have a nice day. “

In the comments posted with the video, Paterno even claimed that “A lot of us are actually doing this, but I am the only one posting.” His video quickly became popular, and users on the platform noticed that his behavior might The harm caused includes preventing people from accessing medical services. In response, Paterno replied: “No matter who you vote for, medical supplies are given priority.” At least he has a human nature to realize the danger of not delivering medical supplies.

After this video received more than 80,000 views, users predicted that Paterno would lose his job. “You are about to be unemployed ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚,” the most popular comment wrote. according to marvelous, First reported the story, Paterno has since deleted his TikTok video, but it can be found on other websites, including Reddit.

Although some Media reported Paterno was fired by the company, and FedEx did not confirm whether he resigned or was fired. A spokesperson for the company said that officials were โ€œshocked by the behavior described in this video, which does not reflect the views of FedEx.โ€ They added: โ€œThis person no longer provides services on behalf of the company.โ€

in a Separate videoPaterno claimed that he had resigned, and the original video was his last day at work. “When I no longer work there, I don’t know I will be fired,” he said, referring to the reports. He called reports that the video was fired after it went viral as “fake news.”

Whether Paterno was fired or resigned is not as important as he claimed. Paterno claimed that because of their political and humanitarian views, he was not the only one who refused to deliver packages to specific families. Although Paterno did not provide any evidence, FedEx needs to investigate whether what Paterno said is true.

As one social media user pointed out, โ€œYou have no right to give up your job because you disagree with the beliefs of others.โ€

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