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Titan, a hell thriller that transcends all taboos-Culture and Performance

The hellish horror thriller does not see any taboos. It contains eternal hermaphrodite, having sex with cars and the interior of cars, the cruel practices of praying mantis, steroids, oil-filled pregnancy, and a sacred musical background. As we all know, French director Julia Ducournau has a crazy debut like RAW, which should at least be equal to the Cannes Film Festival’s “TITANE” (TITANE), and she did.

It all started with a restless little boy who was fidgeting in the back seat, causing a car accident. Then we found that his face was supported by a titanium prosthesis taken away by airport customs officers. She claims to be Alexia (Agat Russell) who was a child ten years ago, but now she is beautiful and sexy. She was full of spirits, and she was equal between men and women, killing people with her long hair. Then in Ducoernau’s film, strippers writhe for supercars, mutilated corpses, fires, ecstatic dances and disguise. If Alexia will soon understand that her condition is not very good, this also applies to her father Vincent (Vincent Linden), the captain of the fire brigade, who always fights with his body (because he feels like he When he was old, he was injected with steroids). When he believed that his son came to him, he recruited him into the team and asked him to participate as one of the other students.

Vincent’s love for his son will not change, even if he finds out that she is a more crazy daughter than him. Julia Ducournau is a passionate body director, so Vincent Linden and Agat Russell are committed to super-exercise: “Their participation-the emphasis on the director-is beyond the scope of the script, because they have a whole year Time to prepare. Vincent’s bodybuilding, dancing and fighting for Agat.” Once again, the very physical Julia Ducournau: “I always regret that you can’t smell in the movies. I like the organic side of the work. This can be done by showing, for example, a messy room or shooting a character’s hair. These images will give off a smell because they bring us closer to the sensory experience as we know it. This is what I started from my first short film Something that has been researched”. “Titan” cost 6 million euros and was written by the director Julia Ducournau (Julia Ducournau), who was born in Paris in 1983.

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