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Today’s News: Afghanistan, Coronavirus, Cargo Bikes

1. Another week of hope and fear

Will the rescue operation of Western troops in the Afghan capital Kabul be longer than at the end of August? Under no circumstances, Speaking of the TalibanYou have announced the “reaction” and “consequences”, no, in this case threatening: “If the United States or the United Kingdom require more time to continue the evacuation, the answer is no,” a member of the Doha Taliban delegation said. August 31 The deadline of the day is a “red line”.

Yes, it may take longer, but U.S. President Joe Biden see through allow. His government is not sure whether the deadline can be met: “We and the military are discussing an extension.” But he hopes that “we don’t have to extend it.” The question remains: who is bluffing and who is going to escalate? (More on the Taliban’s strategy here: The dilemma of victory)

My colleague Britta Sandberg and Nora Müller from the Körber Foundation will discuss the situation in Afghanistan with the Secretary of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) tonight. In the joint activities between Der Spiegel and the Foundation, the focus will be on how the federal government failed to save local workers, the chaos at Kabul Airport, and who must bear political responsibility for this. Britta said: “At first we wanted to talk about Germany’s role in the world fundamentally, but in view of this situation, there is only one topic at the moment-that is Afghanistan.” You can find the live broadcast here.)

To be fair, it’s worth noting that Western countries have already More than 26,000 people fly outAs announced by the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Armed Forces managed to seek protection from the country for nearly 3,000 people. So far, about 17,000 people have flown in the United States, more than 5,700 in the United Kingdom, and more than 1,000 in France.

2. No more 50

The whole country is Corona incidence According to data from the Robert Koch Institute, the index is 56.4, showing an upward trend. So obviously over 50, the value of the big table setting would have been cancelled before: crisis meetings, emergency plans, the prime minister and the prime minister. Fortunately, many people are now vaccinated; today’s 56.4 is not as compelling as last winter’s 56.4.

Now the federal government also wants to say goodbye to 50 as the central benchmark, and it hopes to remove it from the Infection Protection Act. As government spokesperson Steffen Seibert announced todayInstead, it should count more about how many patients will eventually be hospitalized. The so-called Corona Cabinet, where Angela Merkel and the Minister of Experts coordinated the fight against the pandemic, today agreed on this.

At first glance, this sounds obvious, but compared to other measurements, the incidence rate has an unparalleled advantage: It is suitable as an early warning system. Or rather, as a not too late warning system. If the incidence rises, the numbers of almost all other coronaviruses will rise a little later-but due to the relatively high vaccination rate, the rate will be much slower.

However, during the pandemic, one number did not increase: Contrary to many speculations and blockade jokes at the video conference roundtable, there was no coronavirus baby boom. These measures have little effect on the birth rate (More here).

3. Lastenrad but not least

In the German election campaign, the level of uncertainty continues: the latest upset is the proposal of the Green Party. Promotion of the purchase of cargo bikes at 1,000 EurosThe federal government should contribute one billion dollars to this. In my opinion, it is not this proposal that is absurd, but the outrage and malice it caused.

What’s about to happen: the pure customer politics of eco-bohemians in fashion districts such as Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich! If German helicopter parents mutate into adult rickshaw drivers, and more cars are registered in China, it will not help climate protection anyway! Subsidies for reckless SUV drivers! They want to re-educate us! CDU general secretary Paul Zimiak wrote on Twitter that the Green Party’s proposal will become more and more esoteric and impractical, and only later admitted: “Of course, cargo bikes are important for the mobility transition. “Maybe someone told him that the Rhine-Westphalia state of Rhine-Westphalia in the north also has funds to buy bicycles. (More here.)

Of course, it is controversial whether these funding schemes have brought in how much, how much funds have been brought in, and the fairness of the distribution of funds. Of course, do you want to develop bike lanes first? Of course, as a cargo bike driver and city resident, I am not completely relieved. But here can be observed cheap tricks to collect detailed proposals in this way and degenerate it into comics-unfortunately, the classic campaign in Auto-Currywurst-Land: now is »Vegetarian Day«Scare and»5 Mark Gasoline Price« is back-fear is back.

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What about tonight?

Can you follow the recommendation of my colleague Nike Laurenz and take a look at the documentary series “Afghanistan-Wounded Land” in the Arte media library. Nike said that even though Afghanistan is the first report of every news broadcast, all four parts are worthwhile. “This documentary series has been two years old, but of course it is still incredibly topical.” It is about the history of the country, people, religion, and war. “And there are incredibly beautiful photos to see this broken country today.” (Click here to view the media library.)

A good night.heartfelt
Your Oliver Trenkamp

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