Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon is coming soon

Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon is coming soon


On July 18, 2022, Cryptogram Venture (CGV) announced that the “Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon (TWSH)”, the first Web3 hackathon in Japan, initiated by CGV and supported by experts from institutions such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Keio University, Sony, Softbank, Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA), Cointelegraph Japan (CTJ), will be held soon.

It is reported that (pre-)registration for participation in the project has started at institutional cooperation, recruitment and negotiations are ongoing.

This hackathon is being held in Japan to support the Japanese government’s vigorous promotion of Web3. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida recently stated that the advent of the Web3 era could boost Japan’s economic growth; The Japanese government will implement institutional reforms to create an environment that facilitates the creation of new services – including Web3-related infrastructure. Japan has enormous potential in encryption and Web3 and could play a significant role in the global Web3 market.

The “Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon” will be “Japan-based and global-oriented” and fully showcase Japan’s unique “industry-government-academic” cooperation and innovation mechanism to discover, support and help outstanding talents and teams in the Web3 and explore the application potential of the Web3 on a global scale, facilitate teams and projects to start smoothly and achieve sustainable growth and development, and provide scientific and technological support and new vitality for the current societal development and digital transformation of various industries.

Steve Chiu, founder of CGV and organizer, said that the main topics of this campaign will include Web3 protocol and infrastructure (L1/L2/cross-chain bridge, storage/identity/communications/audit etc.); Metaverse (virtual land, scenario development, platform building, content creation, virtual…


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