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Trend Observation-Hotelization of Office Space

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our way of thinking and our perception of office space, reversing the idea of ​​rigid office space, starting with the family revolution. Now, due to a large number of COVID-19 vaccines, many employers will return to their previous work routines. However, many people refuse to return to long-term office work and prefer to work from home while enjoying the convenience and convenience of private space.

This is not without reason. When all pandemics begin, it is difficult for employees and employers to transform into a new dynamic of working from home. It has been nearly two years now and this has become the norm. It has become difficult to switch back to the way of working before COVID.

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This resistance is urging corporate departments to propose a new and revised back office model for their employees. The most suitable choice is to “hotel” the office, which is to combine the convenience of the hotel and the family into the office space.

What is office hotelization?

Understanding hotelization Office Space, We had to take a grand hotel lobby as an example, with sofas, coffee tables and first-class decoration. Most importantly, the elegant flooring brings extra luxury and high-quality beauty to the space. Add all these to the office space, and you will get the effect of office hotelization. These hotelized offices define spaces, provide privacy for employees, and allow them to maintain basic social distancing in the post-COVID world.

This type of office is equipped with comfortable furniture and provides a well-managed meeting place to help employees feel relaxed at work. Continue to use the other amenities provided by the hotel, including fitness facilities, salons, and rooms with en suite bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas.

These functions help cooperative departments in many ways, such as saving their time and energy, and more importantly, their money. Employees are free to enjoy any luxury in the office, enjoy relaxing work meetings, even after get off work. The kitchen provides the opportunity to cook the meals they want, avoiding spending money when dining out.

The cost-saving and convenient features of these hotel-style offices are an important factor in attracting many customers, new employees and potential tenants to keep the business running.

Why is hotelization a trend?

This trend originated in Chicago, USA at the turn of the century, and the concept quickly became popular there. Over time, it spread to other regions, and it has now become a global phenomenon, especially when the pandemic is basically under control, as normal office activities resume, this phenomenon has been promoted. Since the past 20 years, the business has grown as it has become more and more popular in the corporate environment.

The corporate sector is now focusing on providing more flexible modules for its employees and companies to avoid spending unnecessary money and time on ineffective ways to start the office journey after COVID-19. There are two other most important reasons why companies now choose hotelized offices.

1. Short-term rental demand

Most companies Looking for short-term rentalThis gives the landlord the opportunity to be financially viable and profit from potential tenants. This continues to attract companies to spend less money on long-term leases. In addition to choosing short-term leases, these offices also provide the same facilities for all tenants.

2. Famous office locations

These hotelized offices provide a prestigious location for companies that choose office space by leasing properties close to the required facilities. There are various restaurants, service companies and fitness centers near these locations, and extensive parking or public transportation areas are provided.

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What does hotelization provide?

1. Financial savings

The primary advantage of an office hotel is to save money. Because in this work mode, employees will not be tied to a specific workspace, or they do not have to spend a few hours in the office every day, which provides the company with the advantage of staff growth without the need to invest in more office space. .

2. Office Resources

Office accommodation enables companies to enjoy all office resources for their permanent and visiting employees.This not only reduces unnecessary resource expenditures in the office accommodation environment, but also enables the management team to stop spending on different office consumables such as printing paper and stationery.

3. Employee Empowerment

In addition to the financial and space advantages of an office hotel, the organization and its employees have also gained flexible The working environment not only reduces travel expenses, but also plays a vital role in improving their productivity and morale. Office accommodation, providing space, will not allow employees to be entangled with strict daily attendance requirements, and promote employee empowerment.

4. Productivity and collaboration

In order to increase creativity, employees can be provided with spaces to promote collaboration, while office hotels have the advantage of flexibility, providing meeting rooms and workstations equipped with furniture on demand. This improves the morale of employees and encourages them to collaborate easily. Most importantly, it provides a private creative space for employees who are willing to have quiet and secluded time to focus on their tasks and projects.

5. Liquidity

Office hotels allow employees to work on a global scale while accessing the resources they need without being tied to a particular city or region. Office accommodation allows employees to easily reserve a desk or work space in the office closest to them.

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in conclusion

Office accommodation is a potential light of hope for many companies and their employees to return to the office after starting COVID-19 in a relaxed and ideal environment. However, personal needs will always be different, but it is suspected that with the hotelization of the office, many employee concerns and company finances will be resolved due to short-term lease options and the availability of prime locations.

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