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Trump admits that the mid-term is about him, not the Republican Party

Nearly nine months after Donald Trump lost two Senate seats to the Republicans in the second round of elections in Georgia and handed control of the upper house to the Democrats, Republicans heard him in Peach State on Saturday night. By default, he supports Democrat Stacey Abrams as governor. Although this is heinous for Republicans and destructive to their turnout strategy for next year’s midterm elections, this comment is not surprising.

When Trump promoted the candidates he supported for the Senate, Secretary of State, and Lieutenant Governor in Georgia, he took time—as he did in January—to attack Governor Brian Kemp. Trump has yet to find a major challenger to compete with Camp, and Abrams is believed to be preparing to compete with him again.

“Stacey, are you willing to take his place?” the former president said. “none of my business.”

This is not just a narration, a Trump-like moment of prosperity-because he also said:

“Of course, if you want to know the truth, I think it might be better to have her than to own your current governor,” Trump said of Abrams. “It might be better.”

Of course, Trump needs an enemy and a battle, but please note that he is training his firepower from Republicans, not Democrats, Joe Biden, or the media. The headline he deliberately made was that he was going to destroy the Republicans who opposed him.

This is not the first time Trump has expressed support for Democrats against Republicans. Republicans either voted to impeach him or ignored his big lie and supported the legitimate results of the 2020 election that Trump tried to steal. When talking about voting to impeach Rep. David Varado last week, Trump said in an interview on the “John Fredericks Show” radio station, “I almost would rather let the Democrats win than those people. “

He also likes to sabotage any electoral process, not Georgia’s electoral process, in order to encourage his big lies. Before the recall that defeated the California Democratic governor by a landslide on September 14, Trump stated that the vote would be “completely manipulated.” In Georgia in January last year, his words were tougher—he said that the Senate campaign would be “illegal and ineffective”—but the effect was the same.

Republicans can spin all this as they want, but they know what Trump is doing is directly suppressing voters. In order to maintain his good side, Republican members must support the big lie, and then accept this. In November next year, he is likely to tell his voters that the election was rigged. If anyone Trump targets challengers survives their primary elections, he is likely to tell voters in the region that they would better choose the Democratic Party. Republicans will not stop him.

Republican officials in Georgia were so angry with Trump on Saturday night that they… sent a text message to the political reporter Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Constitution newspaper, calling it a “new low”, “s- show”, another person sighed, “I am so angry-I can’t express it in words.” No one said anything publicly.

In fact, the public Republicans still pretend to be Trump — and his efforts to destabilize our elections — well. Representative Tom Emmer, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, told CNN that Trump should, you know, do his thing. “The former president can do whatever he wants. It’s very personal for him. I get it. We focus on winning the majority. And that’s what we are going to do.”

Therefore, Trump’s focus is certainly not on the Republican Party winning the majority, and he has made it clear that as long as he wants, he will obstruct the party’s plans. Although he did not support all 10 challengers who voted to impeach the Republicans who instigated the January 6 uprising, he was eager to defeat all of them and made it clear again and again. When Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, one of the 10 members, announced last week that he would retire instead of fighting for his seat and return to the Trumpized Republican House of Representatives meeting, Trump’s response was, “1 down. , 9 go!”

The news that the House Republican leadership, which has traditionally remained neutral in the primary elections, helped some of the 10 people by raising funds to anger Trump. He boasted that he would prevent House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy from supporting any of them, saying on the Fredericks radio show last week: “I want to see who he is funding, and if he is, I will Stop the entire transaction and I will stop it.”

Since losing the election, Trump has officially severed ties with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and frequently attacked him. According to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s “danger”, Trump said McCarthy is using him to become the speaker of 2023. “This person calls me every day, pretending to be my best friend, and then he f– — me,” Trump said. “He is not a good person.” According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump’s attempt to challenge McConnell as a leader failed because no senator would take over. But over in the House of Representatives, if McCarthy runs for Speaker, he will face opposition from Trump-backed challengers. They are as angry as the former president. McCarthy said in January that the president was partly responsible for the rebellion in the Capitol.

As Trump escalated the party struggle, his Republican Party membership fees-supporting the big lie-became more expensive. In the past two weeks, we have learned:

  1. Trump campaign itself Debunk election conspiracy Trump’s allies are eagerly spreading, and are now regarded as gospel by millions of Trump followers. This is a bunch of conspiracy nonsense about the Dominion machine and Venezuela. Court records show that two weeks after election day, the campaign team knew this was not true, even though they pushed the lie for another two months until Trump retired ( And still do it today).
  2. A false audit of the results of Arizona, a nearly $6 million “stop stealing” promise to use a company called The Cyber ​​Ninjas to spread suspicion, it turned out nothing – and reported that Joe Biden’s statistics were greater than he won The status of the total number of certifications in 2020. Trump told the assemblers on Saturday the exact opposite, an amazing lie, anyone who cares about these efforts will know it was wrong, and he received enthusiastic applause.
  3. According to “Dangerous” reports, Mike Lee and Lindsay Graham reviewed Trump’s allegations of election fraud immediately after the election and found these allegations to be unconvincing. After the excerpts of the book were made public, Trump responded by insisting that he had “almost no time” with the two senators, and said that “Linsey and Mike should fight for themselves for not fighting necessary to win. Ashamed.”
  4. Trump sent a letter, not his fake tweet press release, asking the Secretary of State of Georgia to “disqualify the election” and “declare the true winner.” Yes, more than 10 months after the election and countless recounts and audits in Georgia, Biden became the winner. Trump added that Brad Ravensberg and Kemp “have done great harm to the great state of Georgia and our country-our country is being systematically destroyed by the illegal president and his government.”

As a result, there is new evidence that key Republicans immediately knew-whether internally or between congressional allies-that Trump’s fraud allegations were false, and publicly notified that the former president was still there. Attempt to overturn the September 2021 elections and restore the status quo. Normal stuff?

Congressional Republicans are not only very clear that Trump lost the election, but also very clear why he lost the election. They are paying attention to his poor approval ratings and apparently want to swing voters between now and 2022 Election Day. Will not notice his dangerous lies (and their shameful silence).

In exchange for their silence, they hope Trump can inspire his fanatical supporters to join the Republican Party next year and help them return to a majority in the House of Representatives and Senate. What he is more likely to do is to continue to criticize their leaders, including McConnell and McCarthy, and insist that the process is manipulated. He may think that if Republicans regain control next year and breathe life into Democrats, it will not help him win in 2024.

For Republicans, this will be a long 13 months, because their party leader will destroy and attack them. But he was the first and thought they were fools. they know.

AB Stoddard is the associate editor and columnist of RealClearPolitics.

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