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Trump calls the Taliban “really smart and good fighters”

  • Trump praised the Taliban on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show.
  • Trump called the Taliban “smart” and “excellent fighter” in a clip on August 17.
  • He falsely claimed that the organization had existed for 1,000 years when it was founded in 1994.

Former President Donald Trump praised the Taliban on Tuesday, calling them “smart” and “good fighters.”

“Taliban, I will tell your good fighters, you, good fighters. You must honor them for this. They have fought for a thousand years; all they have done is fight,” Trump Say Aired on Fox News’ “Sean Hannity Show” on August 17.

“The Taliban are already circling the airport, who knows if they will treat us well? Suddenly, they will say-well, frankly, if they are smart, they will-and they are smart, they are very Smart. They should let the Americans out,” Trump Say To Hannity.

However, Trump’s claim that the Taliban has existed for 1,000 years is wrong.The organization is Established in Kandahar, Afghanistan in September 1994. Composed of fighters called jihadists, them Controlled the capital Kabul in 1996, But it lost power after the US invasion in 2001.

Trump’s praise of the Taliban is shocking, considering that the organization is Known for its cruel and violent tactics. Just this year, militant groups Beheading an Afghan interpreter for the U.S. Army. Taliban also accused many explode and Assassinate.

Afghan women are also afraid They may be banned from work, stoned for breaking the rules, or Even killed If the Taliban impose its Strict form of Sharia law.

“Frankly, I have never had much confidence in Ghani. I openly and frankly, I think he is a complete liar.”

During the performance, Trump also made strong remarks against former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani (Ashraf Ghani)—— Who fled Afghanistan this weekend -Calling him “a complete liar”, “escaped the murder”.

“I hope (the Taliban) reach an agreement with the Afghan government,” Trump said. “Now, frankly, I have never had much confidence in Ghani. I openly and frankly, I think he is a complete liar.”

The former president added that Ghani also “spends all his time on eating, drinking and having fun with our senators,” but did not mention specific political figures in the interview.

“The senators are in his pockets. This is one of the problems we encountered. But I never liked him, I guess based on his escape with cash, I don’t know, maybe this is a true story. I will Doubt it is. All you have to do is look at his lifestyle, study his house, where he lives. He escaped murder in many, many different ways,” Trump said.

The former president weighed in on the Afghan issue several times this week.

On August 15, Trump criticized Biden Because it did not “follow the plan left to him by the (Trump) administration.”

On August 16, he Claims that with him at the helm, the situation in Afghanistan will be “completely different”.

The Taliban are now ready to officially Regain domestic power And plan to rename Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

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