Even with an election approaching, former President donald trump remains clueless in the Electoral luck of his overseas allies and affairs abroadreported Politico.

Trump and his aides are seeking to expand the “America First style of right-wing populism” overseas by giving conservative candidates a “MAGA stamp of approval” and forming partnerships with right-wing movements, the report says said.

As Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro was just behind his left rival Luiz Inácio Lula de Silva in the recent presidential elections, Trump endorsed Bolsonaro on the Truth Social platform, owned by Trump Media & Technology Group, which is set to merge with the Special Purpose Acquisition Company Digital World Acquisition Corp. DWAC.

Trump congratulated Bolsonaro for beating Fake News Media polls and expressed confidence that he would win in the runoff election scheduled for October 30.

Trump previously provided video confirmation for Bolsonaro filmed on his private plane as he returned from a Michigan rally, Politico said. The Brazilian President’s son reportedly admitted that this contributed to his father’s better-than-expected showing.

Trump has also recently warned about the impact of US policy towards Taiwan and has spoken positively about the North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un, The report said, adding that its allies see this as part of building its own “political brand”.

“Trump is an aspiring authoritarian and he feels a natural affinity for other actual or aspiring authoritarians abroad. Some call it the Illiberal International.” Max Boota foreign policy expert, Politico said.

What unites these leaders is their endorsement of nationalism and xenophobia and their opposition to liberal democracy, science and even reason, Boot said.

Photo: Courtesy of Palacio do Planalto on flickr


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