Trump warns US of ‘saying the wrong thing’ about Russia-Ukraine war:…

Trump warns US of ‘saying the wrong thing’ about Russia-Ukraine war:…


donald trump warned that the Russia-Ukraine conflict could turn into a “World War III” and that the United States should push for peace between the two countries.

What happened: The former president’s comments were made during a blunt speech for Arizona’s gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake and Senate candidate Blake Masters.

“We have to be very smart and very quick. We need to know what to say, what to do. And we say exactly the wrong thing. We will end up in a third world war,” Trump said at the rally organized in Mesa, Arizona. reported The hill.

Trump warned of the dangers of a possible global conflict, reportedly saying, “We must demand immediate negotiations for a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine, or we will end up in World War III and there will never be a war like this.”

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Why it matters: In the President’s entourage Joe Bidens Remarks Nuclear Armageddon warning Last week, Trump said the US was saying “exactly the wrong thing” about Russia, according to The Hill.

However, it was recently reported that the Department of Health and Human Services has purchase Radiation protection agents worth $290 million in the wake of comments by the Russian President Wladimir Putin.

Putin accused the West of “nuclear blackmail” and warned Russia against using any means to bluff to protect its territory.

Trump shared clips from the rally on his Truth Social account. He also expressed his solidarity with the demonstrators in Iran at the event.

Truth Social is part of Trump Media & Technology Group, which is set to go public through a merger Digital World Acquisition Corp. DWAC.

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