donald trump‘s former press secretary predicted that the Ex-president ahead of his other rivals for GOP nomination once governor of Florida would shrink Ron DeSantis officially announces its offer.

What happened: Kayleigh McEnanyin a (n interview on “America 180 with David Brody” on Friday, said so the first debates with the candidates will likely dominate the Republican nomination process, although it remains uncertain how the primary will be conducted.

She commended DeSantis for doing “a phenomenal job” as Florida governor. “Polls suggest President Trump has this big lead, but I think once Governor DeSantis has declared, you’ll see that lead narrowing,” she said, adding that “he’s not even declaring his candidacy yet.” has.”

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Why it matters: McEnany’s comments align with DeSantis’ anticipated announcement of his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 2024 US Presidential Election. At a recent press conference at the end of the Florida legislature, DeSantis said he would soon decide “what happens in the future.” The Florida governor is reportedly ready to do so enter the presidential race as early as mid-May.

DeSantis has also previously said that he believes his ranking in polls against Trump will change after his official announcement.

In the meantime, McEnany should take over Tucker Carlsonnext week at 8:00 p.m. ET. She is the third such interim replacement for the cable news network’s most-watched anchor Rupert Murdoch in just three weeks.

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