Trump’s Roast of DeSantis’ Twitter Spaces Leaves Divisions on the Internet

Trump’s Roast of DeSantis’ Twitter Spaces Leaves Divisions on the Internet


While the political world buzzed with anticipation of becoming Florida governor Ron DeSantis prepared for his much-anticipated 2024 campaign announcement on Twitter Spaces, donald trump tried to grab the limelight by resorting to a a barrage of insults and diatribes to mock the Florida governor on Truth Social.

What happened: Amidst the deluge of posts poking fun at DeSantis, one video in particular stood out, triggering a wave of laughter and disbelief. This video was aimed at the messy Twitter Spaces session with Elon Musk where DeSantis announced his 2024 presidential candidacy — a session marred by technical glitches.

On Truth Social, Trump simulated the Twitter Spaces interface and presented a hilarious portrayal of the chaos that ensued during DeSantis’ session.

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But this is where things took an unexpected turn — instead of just staying there DeSantis and MuskThe video featured a mocking ragtag group of unexpected speakers, including a billionaire investor George SorosChairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwabformer vice president Dick Cheneyand even a surprise appearance from none other than Adolf Hitler. Yes, you read that right – the dictator himself managed to sneak into the simulated virtual space. As if that wasn’t enough, the FBI also had a cameo appearance!

What ensued was a hilarious banter, with each of the fictional voice actors hilariously outdoing each other. Their attempts to outdo each other with witty one-liners and absurd antics had everyone in an uproar.

The result was a suspenseful showdown that left much laughter and stunned enjoyment.

In the mad world of fantasy, Soros could be heard asking, “Is my mic working properly?” Just as Musk tries to intervene and says, “George, can you just wait while we…” Soros abruptly cuts him off.

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