Trump’s troubled childhood is no excuse for what he does, says niece:…

Trump’s troubled childhood is no excuse for what he does, says niece:…


Donald Trump’s Niece Mary Trump said on a recent podcast that her uncle’s not-so-healthy childhood shouldn’t be a problem Apologies for his stubbornness and clarified that she had no reason at all to feel sorry for him.

Donald Trump was a terrified five-year-old raised by a sociopathic father and a mother with a major personality disorder, Mary Trump revealed on Ken Harbaugh’s Burn The Boats podcast on Tuesday.

“Bullyers, serial killers and all kinds of horrible people had horrible childhoods. And we should have compassion for that,” she said.

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However, Mary Trump, the host of her own podcast, The Mary Trump Show, said she also knows many people who had much worse childhoods than their uncle but didn’t have the tremendous benefits that he did. These people have proven to be decent, kind, empathetic and productive people, she said.

“So there’s no excuse for what he’s doing and who he’s supposed to be,” the podcaster and psychologist said of her uncle.

“Donald Trump, as he currently exists, deserves none of our sympathy and all our enmity, and we should do everything in our power to ensure that he never holds office where he has power over people’s lives “American people,” she said.

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