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TV: The Morning Show, the second season series of 17/9-TV

The Emmy, SAG, and Critics’ Choice award-winning series “Morning Show”, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon jointly serve as executive producers of the show, and the long-awaited return for the second season. The series unveils the workplace power dynamics of the TV network UBA, and will return on Apple TV+, which will release trailers and pictures around the world on Friday, September 17.
Starting after the unpredictable events of the first season, the morning show team stood out from the rubble of action by Alex (Aniston) and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon), where identity is everything, we How to show yourself and who came to play a role. We really are. In addition to Aniston and Witherspoon, actors also include Steve Carell, Billy Crudup, Mark Duplas, Nestor Carbonell, Karen Pitt Man, Bell Polly, Desien Terry, Janina Gavanka, Tom Owen and Marcia Gay Harden. Joining them in season 2 are Greta Lee as Stella Bak, Ruairi O’Connor as Ty Fitzgerald, a smart and attractive YouTube star; Hasan Minhaj as the new member of the morning show team Eric Nomani; Emmy winner Huo Rand Taylor as Sybil Richards, senior board chairman of UBA; Tara Karsian as Gayle Berman, producer; Valeria Golino as Paola Lambruschini, documentary director; Emmy and SAG winner Juliana Ma Grace plays Laura Peterson, a new UBA host. In the first season, Billy Crudup (Billy Crudup) played Corey Ellison (Corey Ellison), won the drama series supporting actor Emmy Award and Critics’ Choice Award. Because of Alex Levy’s performance, Jennifer Aniston won the best performance award in a drama series. The series also won a nomination for Outstanding New Program and Best New TV Choice Award from the TV Critics Association. (deal with).

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