Twitter Inc TWTR says it deletes millions of spam accounts every day to curb social media trolling and attribution.

“We remove millions of spam accounts every day during the day or shortly after creation”, Preetha AthreyDirector of Global Business Marketing for APAC at Twitter, said Business Insider India in a (n interview.

She added that the app also “blocks many suspected spam accounts every week if they fail human verification such as captcha, phone, or email address.”

Athey stressed that the social media giant has also introduced many security features to protect its users from targeted attacks and trolls. “Our priority is to keep people safe on the platform and we do that all the time. We review a lot of content and a lot of reports that reach us.”

“We keep our users informed about the new security features we have introduced. “Unmention” to give people more control over their mentions, people can also control who participates in the conversations they start.”

“Through our policies, products and partnerships, we’re already seeing progress and will continue to invest in brand safety to make Twitter a safer place for everyone,” she said.

In the meantime a A court date is pending for Twitter to oppose it Tesla Inc TSLA chairman Elon Musk after withdrawing from buying the social media company could not provide any data to determine how many users were actually fake or spam accounts.

Price promotion: According to Twitter, Friday’s session closed up 1.76% at $41.61 Benzinga Pro data.

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