This tweet exploded in cyberspace, spreading like “the lie that traveled halfway around the world before the truth could put its shoes on”.

AP’s assessment, which no one seems to doubt: False. Reuters never published such a report. In addition, financial disclosures show no record of Pelosi making such a stock purchase, which a spokesman for the California Congressman’s Office also confirmed.

To This was announced by President Biden on Thursday that he pardoned federal cannabis convictions and Cannabis stocks went through a bit. Apparently, social media users have gone a little crazy too. Although it’s not the first time we’ve heard from our political leaders and their spouses making it big in the stock market.

On this occasion, Social media users spread the hoax via screenshots of the original, which appeared to come from a popular Twitter TWTR Account, Breaking911. However, the tweet was actually posted from an account with a different username.

A second tweet noted that shares of Canopy Growth Corp C.G.Cthe acts under the ticker WEED on the Toronto Stock Exchange, also widely used. A post of the screenshots was liked more than 20,000 times and shared more than 4,000 times as of Monday.

Again, Reuters never published this claim, and there’s no evidence that Pelosi bought Canopy Growth stock.

Due Diligence… Unknown to the Twitterverse?

Heather Carpenter, a Reuters spokeswoman, confirmed in an email to AP that the news agency had not released the allegation. “This is not a Reuters story,” Carpenter wrote.

A spokesman for Pelosi confirmed the same. “No such transaction was made,” Drew HammillPelosi’s deputy chief of staff told the AP in an email.

Pelosi has said she doesn’t trade stocks herself, although she is Paul Pelosi is a…


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