Uber’s 2023 Lost and Found List: Rare Foods, Slush Machine,…

Uber’s 2023 Lost and Found List: Rare Foods, Slush Machine,…


We all know that queasy feeling of leaving something in the back seat when stepping out of an Uber. We shouldn’t worry though, as the ridesharing company prides itself on keeping track of items left behind and returning them promptly.

Plus Uber ABOVE publishes his seventh annual Uber Lost & Found Indexshowing what items drivers leave behind most often, including groceries, iPhones, laptops, wallets, and yes, there’s usually quite a bit of weed left in the back seat.

“From weed bags to pre-rolls and pens – medical and recreational – we’ve seen a ‘high’ rise in forgotten ganja goods,” Uber wrote on its list.

“With warmer weather ahead and Mercury turning retrograde on the horizon, we’re back with the seventh annual Uber Lost & Found Index. As you head out this summer, try to remember your stuff when you get out of the back seat. If you do lose a valuable Danny DeVito Christmas ornament, a beloved toy poodle, or six cheesecakes, Uber is always happy to help return those items,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement provided to Food & Wine.

Uber already knows and loves cannabis

After all, Uber’s mission is to be “a go-and-get platform to go anywhere and get anything,” and that includes marijuana in its many forms. Uber eats partnership with leafy LFLY Shipping weed directly to consumers in Canada last year was a natural progression, according to the company, whose global new industries are leading the way jessy young visited the last Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference at Miami Beach.

If you’re leaving something in your Uber in the meantime, says Food & Wine, don’t panic.

“If it’s been lost for less than two days, Uber says, ‘Call the driver — they’re usually happy to bring your stuff back.’ Just use the call button in your order history, which stays active for 48 hours.”

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