UK Firm Launches Instant Shower Glass Calculator Making Pricing Easy ~ Prodigy Press Wire

UK Firm Launches Instant Shower Glass Calculator Making Pricing Easy ~ Prodigy Press Wire



In a transparent and bold move, UK shower glass and components supplier Shower Glass has developed a calculator to instantly provide pricing for non standard bathroom glass requirements to the trade.

The shower glass calculator has already been hailed by architects, developers, builders and plumbers who have struggled for years without any way to price bespoke project requirements.

Since 2014 the firm has supplied the highest quality products to all range of construction projects from hospitals, hotels, exclusive home builds, gyms and leisure facilities, large yachts and even cruise liners.

Owner and Founder of Shower Glass, Lee Maggs said: “I’m incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the construction, installation and maintenance of showers. This reflects in everything we do and every product we sell. We developed the calculator from demand for open and transparent prices. Also feedback made us realise that proposals are not written 9-5, the online calculator provides our customers with rapid access to bespoke shower glass prices, 24 hours a day!”

Often bespoke shower glass has been overpriced based on urgency and perceived affordability. Shower Glass has vowed to ensure their pricing is fully visible for its customers and the calculator remains 100% accurate with regular updates.

To try out the bespoke glass calculator or for further information on the unique range of high quality products, visit or call them at their Chippenham headquarters near Bath, UK on 01249 447783.

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