Ukrainian President Zelenskyy escapes serious injuries in Kiev car

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy escapes serious injuries in Kiev car


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy According to his spokesman, he was seriously injured after an accident with his car in Kyiv.

What happened: President Zelenskyi’s car collided with a private vehicle, his spokesman said Serhii Nykyforov said in a Facebook post early Thursday, without sharing further details.

“The president was examined by a doctor and no serious injuries were found,” Nykyforov said, adding that an investigation is ongoing. He also said Zelenskyy’s paramedics rendered emergency assistance to the driver of the private car and took him to an ambulance.

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The accident happened while Zelenskyy was visiting the recaptured city of Izyum, a key logistics center in northeastern Ukraine, on Wednesday, the sources said BBC.

In Izyum he vowed to push everything Wladimir Putin‘s troops from his country.

Zelensky described Russia as a “terrorist state” that describes its armed forces as “weaklings fighting civilians”.

“Rogues who, after fleeing the battlefield, try to cause damage from somewhere far away,” he added more recent allegations Attack of the Russian army on power plants and waterworks.

Meanwhile, residents of up to 22 streets in two districts of Kryvyi Rih are being told to evacuate over the risk of flooding after Russian missiles hit a major dam.

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