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United Kingdom: Pedestrians and cyclists should take precedence over motorists

Pedestrians and cyclists should be in Great Britain Get more privileges in road traffic.Therefore, road traffic laws should be a information Transmitter British Broadcasting Corporation Should be adapted to these modes of transportation. This needs to be approved by Parliament in the fall.

“In the past year, millions of us have discovered that cycling and running are great ways to stay healthy, relieve road pressure and do something for the environment,” Say Grant Sharps, Secretary of State for Transport, United Kingdom.

According to the report, these changes include that cyclists who go straight should have the right of way at intersections. In addition, drivers should give priority to pedestrians at intersections, even if they have not yet entered the street.

The new rules are also intended to establish a new hierarchy for road traffic: those who may cause more damage to others with their own vehicles should also bear greater responsibility.Prioritize information According to Forbes magazine, pedestrians are second, followed by cyclists. The driver ranked fifth-even behind the rider and motorcyclist. Vans and trucks maneuver behind.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Considered to be a bicycle fan. During his tenure as mayor of London, expanding the bicycle lane network was one of his most important projects.

Living Streets welcomed the government’s announcement. According to the BBC, Living Streets’ Stephen Edwards stated: “Currently, the Highway Act treats children on the way to school and truck drivers as having equal responsibility for their own safety and that of others.” Changes will compensate for this.

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