United Soccer League Welcomes CURREX as Preferred Supplier ~ Prodigy Press Wire

United Soccer League Welcomes CURREX as Preferred Supplier ~ Prodigy Press Wire


The United Soccer League has announced a multiyear partnership with CURREX, which joins the USL Preferred Supplier Program as the Official Shoe Insole Supplier of the USL. The agreement with the makers of CleatPro™ insoles covers the USL Championship, Super League, League One, W League and League Two.

Designed specifically for soccer, CURREX CleatPro™ insoles deliver ultimate comfort, amazing stability and perfect control. CleatPro improves the fit and feel of any cleat brand and model, and thanks to its Super-Grip technology, players can perform at their best every time they take the field regardless of age-group or skill level.

‘The adoption we are seeing amongst professional players using CleatPro in their boots signals a big shift in the importance of what actually goes inside your cleats, not just the outside’ says CURREX CEO Lutz Klein.

“We are delighted to add CURREX to the USL Preferred Supplier Program,” said USL Senior Vice President of Corporate Development & Partnerships Josh Keller. “Helping players across the USL’s senior divisions maximize their performance and recovery over the course of a season is a high priority for the league. CleatPro’s cutting edge technology will aid players as they push for success with their clubs each season.”

For almost two decades, CURREX has been developing professional motion analysis systems for recreational and professional athletes in various sports. Through that research, the company was able to create a range of dynamic performance insoles that have become industry leaders in their respective markets such as RunPro, BikePro, HockeyPro, etc.

Through its Preferred Supplier Program, the USL connects suppliers with new franchise owners and existing USL clubs in order to deliver the best possible experience for fans across North America. Preferred suppliers are “Best in Class” companies that provide services and products to professional franchises and stadium developers and must meet the…

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