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United States: Court sentenced “Proud Boy” leader to jail

Henry “Enrique” Tario, the leader of the right-wing militant group “Pride Boys”, has been sentenced to 155 days in prison by a Washington court. The US Department of Justice announced on Monday that Tario has admitted to property damage and possession of weapon accessories. The remaining sentence-another 85 days-will be suspended for a three-year probationary period. Tario must also pay a fine of $1,000 and a compensation of $347 to the church where the property damage occurred.

In December of last year, Tario was about to hold a demonstration against the defeat of the US presidential election. Donald Trump Participated in the burning of the “Black people’s life is also life” banner stolen from the church by members of his group in Washington. The head of the proud boy from Florida admitted this behavior frankly in an interview with the Washington Post. Tario was subsequently arrested two days before the pro-Trump demonstration in Washington on January 6. The police found two gun magazines on him.

According to a court order, Tario must leave the US capital before being tried. The next day, Trump supporters rushed into the Capitol, including members of the proud boy, some of whom had to answer in court. During the campaign, Trump made remarks about “proud boy”, which aroused the enthusiasm of right-wing forces. In a televised debate with the winning challenger Joe Biden, Trump refused to explicitly condemn right-wing groups. At the time he said: “Proud children-keep calm and be prepared.”

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