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United States: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo feels “unfairly” treated

After allegations of sexual harassment, the resigned New Yorker Governor Andrew Cuomo was once again portrayed as a victim of a political movement in his farewell speech. He talked about strong political pressure and media hype.

In the 15-minute video message recorded earlier, Cuomo addressed the New Yorker on his last day as governor. “I am a fighter,” he said. This is why his instinct is to fight. In his opinion, he was treated “unfairly” and “unjustly”. But he decided not to fight because extending the situation would only weaken the government.

The attorney general’s report on the charges against him was “a political bombshell on an explosive topic”-and it worked. Cuomo said that he is confident that sooner or later the truth will come to light.

Como two weeks ago Announce resignation Therefore, it is expected that the impeachment proceedings will be carried out soon.

Several women accused him of sexual harassment. An investigation report by Attorney General Letitia James found that Cuomo had sexually harassed former and current employees of state authorities (Read more about this case here). According to reports, Cuomo reportedly touched, kissed and hugged 11 women reluctantly. It is said that he also made inappropriate comments.

Monday is his last day in office. Lieutenant Governor Casey Hochll will be sworn in as his successor on Tuesday night. The Democratic Party became the first female leader.

Cuomo from a political dynasty was elected governor in 2010 and has been Democratic starAt the height of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring of 2020, the politician who was praised for crisis management was even traded as a possible presidential candidate for his party.

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