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United States: Storm Henry triggers flooding in New England

Storm Henry leads to the northeast America For strong wind and rain.On Sunday, he reached the coast for the first time Rhode IslandLater, he paralyzed the power supply of more than 100,000 homes in New England. There have been several floods. The road was flooded and the bridge was impassable. Many people are trapped in their cars.

The storm was downgraded by a hurricane before it hit New England. According to the National Hurricane Center, Henry moved inland with gusts of 70 miles per hour (about 113 km/h). So far, there are only a few reports of major wind or flood disasters. However, several bridges in Rhode Island were temporarily closed, and some coastal roads were almost impassable.

By noon on Sunday, several communities in central New Jersey were flooded by as much as 8 inches of rain. In Fort James, television footage showed that the streets in the city center were flooded and cars were almost completely submerged.By the afternoon, Rhode Island had more than 78,000 households, of which 32,000 were Connecticut, 9000 inches Massachusetts 4000 people in New York suffered power outages.

Rhode Island has been hit by hurricanes and tropical storms, including Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Irene Hurricane Bob in 2011 and 1991. The City of Providence suffered such severe flood damage in the hurricanes of 1938 and Hurricane Carroll in 1954 that it built a hurricane barrier in the 1960s. This is closed on Sunday.

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