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Upgrade unwanted Halloween holiday decorations

Need low-cost, last-minute Halloween decoration ideas?Blogger Amy Anderson Mod Podge Rock Are you covered?

With this truly unique idea, this creative crafts lover has turned unwanted holiday decorations into cute Halloween decorations that you will never find in large stores.

Photo: Amy Anderson/Mod Podge Rocks

This concept has a very Tim Burton “nightmare before Christmas” feeling that we can’t get enough.

You just need some Modboc Paper-cut glue, a newspaper, some other basic materials, and a free afternoon to finish the work.Pick some Acrylic paint Use and get the kids ready to have some fun.

Photo: Amy Anderson/Mod Podge Rocks
Photo: Amy Anderson/Mod Podge Rocks

Anderson hung Halloween ghost decorations on door handles and cabinet doors throughout the house. But you can also display your works on indoor plants, or simply put them in a bowl to get a festive mood. Be creative! Thinking outside of Halloween, you can also create designs for July 4th or Thanksgiving!

Get step-by-step instructions on how to make these upgraded Halloween accessories yourself Mod Podge Rock

This article was originally published in October 30, 2013.

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