US-South Korea plan to deter Kim Jong Un could result in nuclear…

US-South Korea plan to deter Kim Jong Un could result in nuclear…


A Chinese expert warned the US President Joe Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol‘s decision to Station nuclear weapons in Seoul could trigger another nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula.

What happened: Lu Chaoan expert on Korean peninsula affairs at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times that Washington and Seoul should take full responsibility for the consequences Use of nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula.

“If the US really does deploy nuclear weapons or a nuclear-armed submarine on the peninsula, it will very likely trigger another nuclear crisis.”

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The expert warned that Kim could score based on North Korea’s principle of “might versus might, frontal match.” some unprecedented measures in response to Washington’s decisionlike conducting the expected nuclear test.

“The possibility cannot be ruled out, and if that happens, Washington and Seoul should be held accountable for their provocation.”

Another expert warned that this would not only force Kim to pursue his development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles would also exacerbate tensions between China and the US.

“The deployment of US nuclear submarines in the region so close to China’s territory is unacceptable, and unless the US receives resistance or retaliation from China, it will deploy more strategic weapons, including aircraft carriers and strategic bombers.”

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Why it matters: At a meeting on Wednesday, Biden and Yoon reached a series of strategic agreements on “enhanced deterrence” against Kim Jong Un’s unprecedented missile tests.

The Biden administration’s new nuclear deterrent efforts require regular Docking of US nuclear submarines first time in South Korea…


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