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Varsity Flag’s Youth Football League: Where Sports Are More Than Just Sports

With so many kid’s sports programs in New York to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will be the best fit for your child. The best question to ask when weighing your options is: what will my kid learn here besides the sport itself? So when we heard about Varsity Flagan organization determined to develop leadership, friendship, and long-lasting memories, we knew we had to share.

Varsity Flag’s Youth Football League on Long Island offers a supportive environment on and off the field for boys and girls ages 3 through 14. Junior Varsityled by professional athletic trainers from FAST, is an instructional program for your real little ones in nursery and pre-K to take part in the flag football fun. Varsity Flag is very much about inclusivity, so all skill levels are welcome to come play .

If you want your kiddos to make new friends or connect with their friends outside of the classroom, look no further than this flag football league. Varsity Flag prides itself on forming and developing friendships– in fact, the league is designed to keep friends together. Players can form teams with friends or get assigned a team, but either way, through teamwork, group activities, and off-field chatter, you’ll surely have a few more playdates to schedule during the season.

Not only is friendship important to Varsity Flag, but so is leadership. While your kids will learn how to throw a football, they’ll also learn how to communicate who they are throwing the football to and where it’s going. The program is built upon creating mini leadership opportunities for every child to shine, which helps young players grow their self-confidence in many areas of life beyond flag football.

Varsity Flag gets what it means to play a sport as a kid, and they also get what it means to be a parent watching on the sidelines. Actually, the organization encourages parents to leave the sidelines and become an active member of the Varsity Flag family . And the clearly-communicated game schedule that’s shared before the season even starts also makes us, as busy New York parents, very happy.

Want to learn more about Varsity Flag’s Youth Football League? Check out varistyflag.com and sign up for the fall season today.

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