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Venice in 1600? Celebrate in a bookstore-Books-Insights

Celebrate this year Venice’s historic anniversary: In fact, 2021 is the 1600 anniversary of the establishment of the city. The exact anniversary is March 25, 421, and according to some sources, the first stone of the church of San Giacomo di Rialto was placed on this day. The city’s official celebration will be carried out through a one-year event, so it will end on March 25, 2022.
In addition to being regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is also synonymous with history, art, technology and culture; therefore, this city and the lagoon with it are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. For centuries, painters, writers, inventors and many other great thinkers have been inspired by this city. For example, Shakespeare, where he performed one of his most famous plays, The Merchant of Venice.
Therefore, anyone who wishes to participate in the celebration of the cultural, artistic and literary heritage of Venice can also read: here is a selection of publications that celebrate the history that has been regarded as the protagonist for centuries, able to take pictures of distant places The art of combining tradition with architectural techniques that have given life to unique urban landscapes in the world for centuries.
The city’s expert essayist Alberto Toso Fei tells the history of Venice in “Digital Venice” (Editoriale Programma) through some precise figures linked to the distinctive characteristics of Venice and its past. And legend. A peculiar path of discovery begins with the numerous records that Venice has been able to collect over the years, after 120 governors who tracked its direction and its exact 1100 years as a republic, and finally with the city’s 256 public wells on the land of Venice. 1,000 languages ​​encountered on the world, and 423 bridges connecting the edges of the continent. These and many other figures are figures that Fei Xiaotong used to tell the unique story of the Venetians in a primitive way, exactly in the year when another important figure, 1600 years old, was the protagonist of Serenissima.
If Venice were alive. A story with no memory (Marsilio) by Mario Isnegi is more in line with the multi-faceted historical narrative of Venice. The editing of Isnegi’s past dedicated to the city begins with a question: How many times has Venice died and been reborn? The events that make up the pages of this book are actually contrary to the imagination of Venice as a city related to decline, on the contrary, it has enhanced the immense vitality of a population that has been able to reshape itself and change shape for centuries. In this scene, the history and story of Venice come to life on a road, and the moment when residents find themselves facing great difficulties is also analyzed. The result is a kind of reflection, seeing the way to the future of this city in the past mistakes and successes.
exist Venice minimum (Garzanti, translated by Giacomo Scotti) Predrag MatvijevicAn intellectual and writer of Croatian descent, especially famous for his Mediterranean prayer books and his reflections on this ocean, tells the story of one of the cities that has been the protagonist of travel, communication and business for centuries. It takes place in Mare Nostrum. Between the coast. Through the unique style of this writer, Venice begins to tell from its details, nuances, and small places that are still part of its greatness today, sometimes when people are immersed in the majestic image of the city. At times, it is difficult to see its style. supply.
Let us review history with the capital letter S through Giorgio Ravegnani’s Medieval Venetian Life (il Mulino). This article has led people to discover how Venice’s life was unfolded during its historical period as the protagonist. Thanks to the details of the surviving sources, Ravegnani was able to fully describe the habits of the Venetians, from reports on the food and clothing of the residents to describing the operation of justice in the city. From this text that can arouse readers’ curiosity, many special features of Venice have emerged in recent years, such as the image of the governor, the different roles that women play in the city, the occupations in the streets, and many other contributing characteristics. Follow its unique historical trajectory.
It is the female population of Venice that is the protagonist of the history of Venice, the city of women. Tiziana Plebani’s guide to the times, places and existence of women (Marsilio and Feltrinelli). In this book, Venice tells the stories of women whose lives are intertwined with the events of the city. Especially in the fields of politics, public and work, there are stories of female protagonists. On the whole, these stories seem to trace the frescoes in Venice, as women who often try to find their own space, as artists or cultural representatives, as artisans. Workers also act as noble and skilled politicians.
Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world. Before the pandemic, the flow of tourists admiring it might lead us to believe that there are no more places to explore now.
Laura Pavaneto (Newton Compton) of Venice, whom no one knows, instead leads readers to discover the hidden side of this century-old city. These corners often occur and best represent the true character of the city. Pavanetto brought us a visit in the name of hidden Venice, and also left space for the strange curiosity that accompanies these places, integrating the history, art and mystery of the city during the journey.
Like many cities rich in art and culture, Venice is also a favorite theme of artists, whether they are painters or novelists, photographers or directors, musicians or poets. Graziano Graziani, in Venice. From Brodiskij to Bolaño (published by Giulio Perrone), it traces the favorite places of Venice by poets of all ages, enhancing its charming elegance in some cases, and enhancing the romantic and melancholic atmosphere in other cases. Among the most famous poets, we can find Ezra Pound, Lord Byron, Borges, and Bolaño, but there is no shortage of contemporary poets such as Yang Lian or Ngugi wa Thiong’o, as well as from all over the world. Many other poets in the corner. Therefore, in Venice, this is a literary journey that allows you to discover the city through the eyes of some of the most talented poets crossing the streets and canals.

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