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Verdi Music Festival creates “Spark” with Vic and Gatti-Music

(ANSA News Agency)-Milan, June 24-After welcoming more audiences in the open-air version and following the anti-coronavirus rules, the Verdi Music Festival “finally” returns to the theater from September 24th to October 17th, Its show promises to spark.
In fact, the 21st festival of Parma dedicated to its most outstanding citizens is called “Scintille d’opera”. Director Graham Vick has created sparks at the festival. After his “Stiffelio”, the audience stands, the singer walks around the audience and signs the premiere of the opera In the direction of Un ballo inevale, the orchestra stands on the Toscanini podium, the music director of the Roberto Abado Music Festival.
The critical edition and the pamphlet before the Pope’s review are therefore not in the United States but in Sweden. Simon Boccanegra was entrusted to the orchestra of Michele Mariotti and Comunale di Bologna to give concerts with Igor Golovatenko and Michele Pertusi.
Daniele Gatti will conduct the Rai National Orchestra in Verdi’s Requiem. The cast includes Maria Agresta, Elina Garanca and Fabio Sirtori. Lisette Oropesa will play the leading role at the Eleonora Buratto Salon Aria concert at Verdiano Gala on the Grand Master’s birthday on October 10th, and Fuoco di gioia will serve as guest Raina Kabaivanska at the usual welfare concerts. However, in addition to this, the entire show around Verdi’s closure and around Verdi has been added: from the opera horror show with Elio and Francesco Micheli, to the whole city on September 18 The “Verdi under Verdi” performance was held, and finally Va’ ended with singing. Thinking of not forgetting the’iVerdi’ App, it allows you to visit the city through Verdi’s eyes.
“This return to’home’-the film festival and the director of the Regio Theatre Anna Maria Meo emphasized-we want to be a testimony of a new beginning, a real restart after the many constraints imposed by the challenges we must overcome together. Again. It’s’Scintille d’opera'”. (deal with).

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