W3BInfinity – Bring Web3 to Your Browsers ~ Prodigy Press Wire

W3BInfinity – Bring Web3 to Your Browsers ~ Prodigy Press Wire



People are going through the most prominent technology transition in nearly 3 decades as the internet is progressively being redefined. The move from Web1.0 to Web2.0 happened several decades ago, but it is not until now that user privacy has been greatly valued and received major attention from the community and developers.
Blockchain technology is also making advancements and is the premise for developing a better and more reliable Web3.0 environment. Although the Web3.0 concept appeared many years ago, in recent times it has been incredibly popular and interested by many people. Blockchain is a world of transparency, a sustainable breakthrough that allows people to engage and share almost anything peer-to-peer through a decentralized network.

W3BInfinity – Bring Web3 to Your Browsers

In the future, when people no longer depend too much on technology giants (Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, etc), applications running on Web3 or DApps will be more and more attractive since the security and privacy of users come first. The combination of traditional technology innovations with Web3 is a possible trend for small and medium companies.

What is W3BInfinity?

W3BInfinity is a blockchain startup that focuses on migrating from Web2.0 to Web3.0 and boosting privacy + security for consumers on the Internet. W3BInfinity has produced some fantastic products that help consumers engage and interact with blockchain networks through Web3.0 protocols, and the most popular among all is W3BSmart.
W3BSmart is an addon integrated into most modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Brave, etc). With W3BSmart installed, you’re experiencing a new era of the Internet: SAFE + EASY + FAST.

W3BInfinity’s Mission

They aim to be a pioneer in hi-tech blockchain and Web3 technology. Their mission is to normalize difficult and esoteric use cases to make them closer to typical Internet users. Through W3BSmart product, they seek to raise people’s understanding…


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