Wall Street banter at SALT iConnections NYC 2023: Insights, Outlooks…

Wall Street banter at SALT iConnections NYC 2023: Insights, Outlooks…


Last week SALT and iConnections held a conference The Glass House in NYC. The event provided a platform for thought leaders to share insights on the future of innovation, investment and global financial trends.

Here are some key takeaways and perspectives.

Assets on Blockchain: June OuCo-founder and COO of figureaddressed the obstacles involved Blockchain Adoption and identified excessive regulatory concerns. She stressed the need to create frameworks that support digital assets and align with forecasts Morgan McKenney, CEO of Provenance Blockchain Foundation, He suggested that a significant portion of financial assets will undergo tokenization over the next decade.

Invest in Autopilot: A thought-provoking parallel was drawn between the aviation industry and the investment space, and the evolving role of machines in wealth management was highlighted; Airplanes have become safer with fewer pilots and more computers.

The consensus is that the investment landscape will become more dependent on AI-enabled strategies. Jason Calacanisthe CEO and founder of BEGIN, has delved deeply into the potential impact of AI, pointing out that the advent of AI could leave many out of work, which can increase operational efficiencies by a factor of two or three.

Calacanis added that AI would enable individuals to transcend their limitations; With AI, “everyone turns into a superhero.”

Consumer Fintech Wave: Lauren KolodnyCo-Founder and Managing Partner of Acre Capitalspoke about the prospects for consumer fintech and announced that the industry is on the brink of transformation.

“We have the next wave of consumer fintech ahead of us,” she predicted, stressing that one aspect of navigating the evolving landscape is to encourage collaboration and offer unwavering support to companies operating in the industry sector. Her primary focus is empowering these companies through collaborative approaches that drive meaningful change for years to come.

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