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Walmart will launch a new “local” delivery service

  • Walmart is launching a new delivery service called Walmart Go Local.
  • The service will cater to the needs of local clothing and national enterprises.
  • “Our strength lies in our local footprint and our digital connection,” said US CEO John Verner.

Walmart is providing a new platform that allows companies to arrange local deliveries with the retail giant. The announcement comes as the company continues to try to leverage its logistics capabilities and expand into e-commerce-related revenue streams.

The new commercial delivery platform will be called Walmart GoLocal.

Walmart first launched a delivery and express service in 2018, and the service is now available for 160,000 products out of more than 3,000 products. The retailer estimates that its delivery plan covers nearly 70% of the U.S. population. According to Walmart executives, Walmart GoLocal is an initiative that can help local companies take advantage of these delivery capabilities.

Executives also linked the new service to other commercial products of the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company, including its advertising business Walmart Connect and its competitors with Amazon’s e-commerce company Walmart Fulfillment Services.

Walmart recently Announce It will cooperate with Adobe​​e to release technology products for small businesses.

Walmart US CEO John Furner and Last Mile Senior Vice President Tom Ward said at a press conference on Monday that the new service that debuted on Tuesday will become a “white label.” Provider, this means that the customer’s brand will be prioritized because of Wal-Mart’s alternative source of revenue and profit pool.

Ward also stated that the platform will be available in suburban and rural areas where “other delivery providers” are struggling. “Through Walmart GoLocal, any merchant from national retailers to small-town stores can use Walmart’s evolving delivery platform to promote their local delivery work,” Ward said. “This service is white-labeled because our customer brand is front and center.”

Ward explained how the service works and pointed out that whenever a customer places an order with a company using Walmart GoLocal, Walmart will receive a “ping”. The service will dispatch a driver to deliver the items, and Wal-Mart will “capture any feedback on the delivery experience.”

Wal-Mart GoLocal has signed contracts with many retail customers, but Ward and Furner have not yet expanded the contracted companies.

“Our strength lies in our local footprint and our digital connection,” Verner said.

This business is an important part of the company’s overall strategy, which includes diversifying revenue sources and profit pools through initiatives such as Walmart Connect and Walmart Fulfillment Services.Its launch was launched a few weeks later by the retailer Announce The plan begins to provide technology and capabilities to help other companies manage their own digital transformation.

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