The leader of Ukraine shared his thoughts on former US President Donald Trump, who praised the Russian leader for his involvement in the war.

What happened: Among the questions President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy was asked from CNN host Fared Zakaria On Sunday, he reflected on Trump’s comments, which often praised the Russian president Wladimir Putin.

Zakaria asked Zelenskyy what he would say to Trump to help him understand that he might not be familiar with the world leader’s bad side.

“I think he had enough time, a lot of time, to understand who Putin is,” Zelenskyi said through a translator.

Zelenskyi said Trump has time and is able to understand the dangers of Putin, a leader who invaded Ukraine earlier this year.

“I think he was sitting in such a high position that it’s not even possible not to realize that he’s the opponent in relation to your own people.”

Zelenskyy said he was surprised that Trump continued to praise Putin as a leader after invading Ukraine.

“I don’t think he needs to look at this just from the perspective that this poses a threat to Ukraine.”

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Why it matters: The interview with Zelenskyi was broadcast on CNN, a unit of Warner Bros. Discovery Inc WBD.

Trump in February referred to invade Ukraine as strong of Putin.

“I walked in yesterday and there was a TV screen and I said, ‘That’s awesome.’ Putin declares a large part of Ukraine – Ukraine – Putin declares them independent. Oh, that’s wonderful,” Trump said in a radio interview earlier this year.

Trump said Putin, who uses the word independently in his comments, is “quite savvy.”

Trump’s statements did not go down well with the public because the international conflict had begun. Several members of the Republican Party in the US Congress commented on Trump’s praise for Putin.

Zelenskyy said Trump could use Ukraine as…


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