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Watch the Extinction Rebellion protests close the streets of London and arrest more than 50 people — RT UK News

Dozens of environmental activists who participated in the extinction rebellion were arrested after taking to the streets of London for mass protests. They locked themselves to objects and locked each other to close a busy intersection in the city.

On Monday, environmental groups gathered near Trafalgar Square in London. Protesters tried to close a roundabout. Some locked themselves to a pink, 4-meter-high building with the words “Come to the table.” Someone saw other people crawling under the car, trying to block the road.

A demonstration was held shortly after the Extinction Rebellion Announce It calls the new protest “Impossible Rebellion” Said it is planned to be held “Destructive Behavior” Traverse London for two consecutive weeks, including “profession” Public space.

“For the next two weeks, everyone is very excited,”A protester told local media. “We look forward to disrupting London in general.”

However, as the activists announced their intentions, the police were dispatched at the protest site to form a tight border, and then at least 52 arrested All day.

People saw the police preparing to disperse the demonstrators and then arrested them, in some cases dragging disobedient protesters.

Some children were also seen at the rally, including an 11-year-old girl who delivered a baby speech Respond to messages from environmental groups.

“Animals and plants had this planet before us, we came and destroyed it,” She told the crowd and added “We did this, so we need to fix it.”

According to reports, before the arrest began, the police announced through a megaphone that the protest had been declared an illegal assembly and shared Order Saying on social media that the demonstration may lead to “Serious confusion, damage, destruction or intimidation.”

By 8:30 pm local time, only a few protesters were left at the scene, and the rest were cleared by the police or left by themselves. Even if the incident is over, the pink “table” structure can still be seen on the road after sunset, and a considerable number of police officers linger nearby to contain the remaining protesters.

Earlier Monday, Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook clashed with a local radio host in an interview, sparking criticism after she admitted to driving a diesel car and taking a vacation in a gas-guzzling passenger plane.Although she argued that she could not afford a more environmentally friendly electric car, the host still called her “hypocrite” In the communication process, triggered Similar comments online.

Extinction Rebellion is a collective of climate change activists, known for predicting imminent climate disasters and colorful drama.The protesters urge the UK to achieve carbon-free emissions by 2025, believing that the government must declare “Climate emergency.”

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