It’s an endless game of catch-up with the dynamic World Wide Web. The first version, Web1, introduced emails and static websites from HTML codes. After that came Web 2.0 with its interactive features like animations, sounds, videos, social media widgets and more than just coding skills to make them work properly. However, the improved accessibility that Web2 offers comes with drawbacks in the form of intrusive algorithms. It doesn’t matter if it’s your email or browsing history. The information can be accessed and used against you.

Now the decentralized Web3 is here with its endless possibilities in content creation, transparency and interactions with customers. But how do companies use the new developments to increase their market share? That’s where web entrepreneur Antony May comes in. The 27-year-old comes from France and is the founder and CEO of my maya 360° web agency.

The digital revolution has empowered consumers and made them more informed than ever. Antony emphasizes that in this networked digital ecosystem, companies not only have to pay attention to their digital presence, but also to their customer relationships. The MyMay team uses their knowledge and experience to expand a range of different forms of collaboration that help companies navigate these changing times. MyMay’s comprehensive offering covers all aspects of the project, from conception to implementation in digital development. 0xspirou’s strategy involves using cutting-edge marketing and branding strategies that are up to date with current trends, as well as considering any changes that might occur in the future to keep your business one step ahead of the competition.

Every company has individual needs, so Antony and his team first help companies to find the best digital solution for their challenges. “We believe that the human dimension is essential to launch a successful project and that here…


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